Jennifer Lopez Debuts Sexy 2-Part Music Video with Maluma for Songs 'Pa' Ti' and 'Lonely'

Jennifer Lopez and Maluma are set to star together in the upcoming movie Marry Me next year

Jennifer Lopez, Maluma
Maluma, Jennifer Lopez. Photo: COURTESY SONY

Jennifer Lopez and Maluma are anything but "lonely" in their latest project together — a two-part music video for the songs "Pa' Ti" and "Lonely."

The video, which made its debut on TikTok Thursday, has an unexpected twist as "Pa' Ti" transitions into "Lonely."

The Jessy Terrero-directed music video tells the story of a wealthy woman, played by Lopez, who falls in love with a man played by Maluma, who at first appears to be her security guard.

As Lopez and Maluma sing and dance throughout the first track, the duo get closer and closer, ending up in bed together.

But before "Lonely" can begin, the pair are interrupted when FBI agents storm into the house to arrest Lopez's character — and it's revealed that Maluma's character was an undercover agent the whole time.

Lopez shows off her dance moves at the prison — things get steamy during an interrogation scene — and Maluma's character eventually figures out a way to help her escape.

"I don't care that you feel lonely/ I'm better off without you, I'm sorry/ Who is going to treat you like I did/ You hurt my ego by not knowing how to love," they sing in the chorus.

When Maluma finds her at a bar in Abu Dhabi two months later, Lopez's character walks away, ending the music video.

Both stars have been promoting the music video on social media this week and streamed a "Pa' Ti After Party" together after its premiere.

Lopez called the way the two tracks worked together "amazing."

Jennifer Lopez, Maluma
Maluma, Jennifer Lopez. COURTESY SONY

"I see everything like one song," Maluma added, promising a performance of the songs with Lopez when things are safe after the coronavirus pandemic. "We're going to sing the two songs like one."

Lopez and Maluma are set to star in the upcoming Marry Me in 2021, and the duo said that the music video was the "appetizer" to the movie.

"I'm excited too, because this is like the first time people are getting to see Kat and Bastian, our characters from Marry Me, which is the movie that we have coming out in February, where we play a musical couple," Lopez said. "It's exciting. It's like the Marry Me era has started with these two songs."

"When you know the appetizer is good, wait until the main course," Maluma added.

Last month, the Colombian singer won his first-ever VMA for best Latin video for "Qué Pena!" featuring J Balvin — who ended up skipping the award show after being set to perform.

"Thank you to all my fans for their love and affection you show me every day," he said in Spanglish upon accepting the award. "Especially to my mom and dad and little sister who are watching from home. Everything I do, I do for them."

"It's incredible that both J Balvin and I came from Medellín, Colombia, who made this song," Maluma ended in Spanish. "What a shame. A shout-out to my compatriot J Balvin. Blessings, parsero."

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