J. Lo Admits She's So Competitive She'd Break Up with A-Rod If He Beat Her in a Contest

Jennifer Lopez may be dating a former baseball star, but she still believes she could take Alex "A-Rod" Rodriguez on — if he ever gives her a chance

Jennifer Lopez may be dating a former baseball star, but she still believes she could take Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez on — if he ever gives her a chance.

In the midst of the NBA finals, the 48-year-old singer revealed her own athletic past during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Wednesday. She shared that she used to run track and “won a lot of trophies and medals.”

Lopez then let it be known that she takes that ambitious nature to her relationship.

“I’m so competitive [in] every way. I don’t know, it’s just something inside me, I’m competitive,” she explained. “When we work out I think, ‘I can beat you.’ I’m not laughing. ”

The Shades of Blue star added, “We never challenge each other side-by-side. Like, if we go to UCLA, and we’re doing the stairs or something, in my mind, I’m like, ‘I’m killing it.'”

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However, Lopez said that her 42-year-old beau “doesn’t even entertain my delusions” — and that’s probably for the best.

“There’s no winning that because if he beats me, it’s over!” she joked.

Instead of battling, the couple are extremely supportive of each other. Lopez shared that Rodriguez attends her shows and she’ll go to baseball games that he’s commentating on, even wearing an earpiece so she can listen to him.

“Wow, you guys really are in love,” Kimmel quipped.

With a laugh, she replied, “We are!”

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Despite the lyrical content of her latest song — “El Anillo,” which is Spanish for “The Ring” — Lopez has previously insisted that she’s not in a hurry to head back down the aisle.

In an interview with Ebro Darden on Beats 1 in April, Lopez opened up about the lyrics by saying she wasn’t “trying to rush into anything” with Rodriguez, whom she has been dating since March 2017.

“I’ve done that before. I’m a little bit more grown up now, and I like to let things take their natural course,” she explained. “I know people are going to say that… we are really kind of good for each other and are really having the best time, and our kids love each other and all that.”

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