Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Dance to Throwback Songs with Their Daughters

"These bops had me hype," Jennifer Lopez said 

Jennifer Lopez and fiancè Alex Rodriguez are showing their kids some throwback hits.

The couple shared a fun TikTok video on their respective Instagram pages, featuring them dancing and singing along to 2000s music with 12-year-old daughters Ella and Emme, as well as Rodriguez's nephew, White Sox pitcher Nick Silva.

“These bops had me hype! ✨✨ Party in Club Basement with Alex, Lulu, Ella Bella and Nick!” Lopez — a 2000s music star herself — captioned the video.

First up in the TikTok medley was "Dilemma" by Nelly and featuring Kelly Rowland. Lopez, 51, and the young girls immediately begin mouthing the lyrics and dancing, while Rodriguez, 45, hangs in the background, swaying to the music.

Ja Rule’s "Always on Time," "Let Me Blow Ya Mind" by Eve and 50 Cent’s "In Da Club" also comes on. Though some of the older hits stump Ella and Emme, Lopez moves and sings along to each and every one.

In one hilarious moment, Ludacris’ "Get Out The Way" plays and Lopez playfully shoves Emme “out the way.” She then briefly leaves the frame after being pushed before rejoining her family for the rest of the video.

Party in “Club Basement” 🎉 !!! DJs Ella & Emme droppin some beats 😂 🎶,” Rodriguez captioned the video, alluding to his moves in the back by adding the hashtag #whatamIevendoingbackthere.

In April, the retired athlete shared that he was “incredibly grateful” to be spending so much time with his family during the coronavirus pandemic.

"I love spending so much time with these beautiful girls, who still laugh when I make goofy faces in pictures. 🤣," Rodriguez wrote on Instagram at the time, along with a photo of himself with Lopez and his eldest daughter Natasha, 15.

"Each day I am trying to focus on doing one positive thing for someone else," he added. "This is a time where we all need to help each other, and by doing so we will help ourselves remember that this situation may be temporary, but our actions are permanent. Let’s make the most of this time and stay together as a community, even while we are apart with our families."

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