In a new series shared exclusively with PEOPLE called "Voice Coaches on Blast," the singer reveals many of her firsts and favorites


Forget the fries – Jennifer Hudson would offer her customers a song with their meals when she worked at Burger King.

In a new series shared exclusively with PEOPLE called “Voice Coaches on Blast,” the singer reveals that she would sing to the customers who stopped by her drive-thru lane during the time she worked at the fast-food chain.

“My first and only real job was working at Burger King,” Hudson, 37, says in the clip. “I used to sing at the drive-thru window. That was my microphone.”

Exclusive video from The Voice with Jennifer Hudson (screen grab)CR: NBC
Jennifer Hudson
| Credit: NBC

Hudson goes on to share many of her other firsts and favorites in the rapid-fire style interview on the set of the show — including her first concert.

“My first concert was my own,” she says. “That was always my promise to myself. I always saved that moment because I said I wanted my first concert to be my own and it was.”

Though Hudson has traveled the world, she says there’s no place like home and that Chicago is still her favorite place to visit.

“Yes it’s my hometown, but I don’t get there much,” she says. “So home is a vacation.”

The American Idol alum also reveals the last movie she watched was Jurassic World, her first car was a 1996 Buick Riviera that she bought at a car auction and that she’s both a “night owl” and a morning person.

As to her biggest pet peeve?

“When people assume,” she says. “You assume, you miss out.”

Season 15 of The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.