Jenni Rivera's Kids Remember the Late Singer 10 Years After Tragic Death: 'I Need My Mom'

The Mexican-American singer died in a plane crash in 2012 at age 43

Jenni Rivera performs onstage at the 11th Annual Latin Grammy Awards at Mandalay Bay Events Center on November 11, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Photo: Michael Tran/FilmMagic

For Jenni Rivera's family, 10 years without the iconic singer is still difficult to "wrap [their] heads around."

Friday marked 10 years since the Mexican-American singer tragically died in a 2012 plane crash at 43. To honor the anniversary, four of her five children shared meaningful tributes on social media.

Chiquis, 37, shared a throwback photo with mom Jenni and began the post by writing, "3,650 days without you. How!!? When?? Why!!!? …."

"It's 1:41am PST… and 10 years ago today, at this exact time you were flying, and I was in Vegas missing you. I felt you… and I will never forget the pain my heart felt that night. It's similar to what I'm feeling now," she wrote. "Foolishly, I thought It would have been a little easier today, because it's been 10 years now, but somehow it weighs heavier. Just to know I've lived 10 whole years without you, hurts. I miss you like crazy …and it seems that will never change. I need my mom. I need your guidance. Your hugs. Your help."

Jacqie Campos, Chiquis Rivera, Johnny Lopez, Michael Marin and Jenicka Lopez speak onstage during The Children of Jenni Rivera: Presented by Amazon Music panel at Billboard Latin Music Week 2022 held at Faena Forum on September 27, 2022 in Miami, Florida.
Jacqie, Chiquis, Jenicka, Johnny and Michael. Gustavo Caballero/Billboard via Getty

She added, "Momma, no matter how many years go by or what happens, I PROMISE to continue to protect, guide and keep my siblings united. I know how important that was to you…and I know that's the best way I can honor your memory, and your legacy."

Chiquis, the oldest of her siblings, signed off the post by writing that it is "an honor to be your first born" and "I love you, forever."

Jacqie, 33, honored her mom with a compilation video of photos with her siblings.

"Its only by Gods grace we've made it this far without you. 10 years in heaven for Momma, I promise I am really happy that you're resting and at peace. But i cant help but to be selfish and think of how hard its been without you, If we can just feel your embrace tonight, just a few moments to keep us going," she wrote.

Meanwhile, Jenicka, 25, shared a black and white video of Jenni singing as she's sitting at a dining room table. She also included a photo of herself as a young girl with the "No Llega el Olvido" singer.

"a decade without you, your smile, your silliness, and everything in between. I still remember the pain I felt that heart hurt, I could feel it breaking, and I still do, when I get anxious on a plane, when there's a family bbq, when your grandkids say your name and all I can do is smile so they don't see how much it hurts," she wrote. "I thank God for the little time I had you and for the lessons I was able to learn. Thank you for being my mom, a badass, and someone people can look up to. I'll always love you pinche persona as much as it hurts, I will never forget you or even try."

Johnny, 21, shared a carousel of photos with his mother and began his post by quoting, "i ain't seen the sun shine in 10 damn years."

"to think I only had her for eleven years. to think I'm going to reach a day where I eventually have lived more of my life without her than with her. I got angry about it when I was younger especially since I was so close to being on the plane with her," Johnny, her youngest, wrote. "I used to get angry at God for saving me from being with both her and dad. 10 years later, I've learned in my grief that anger and resentment makes you sick. It's poison."

He continued, "i've learned that even in the lowest moments of your life, as cliché as it sounds that God really does have things lined up perfectly. I've learned to be grateful for it all. thank you, God for my eleven years with her cause they were truly amazing…"

He concluded the post by writing in Spanish, "the song that I'll be drinking to today is 'Vaciando Botellas' by Fidel Rueda 🖤 i love you momma duke"

Along with Jenicka, Jacqie, Chiquis and Johnny, Jenni was also mom to son Michael, 31.

The Long Beach-raised songstress was known for tracks such as "Inolvidable," "Basta Ya" and "La Gran Señora." She was one of the first women to sing narcocorridos. She also starred in her own reality show called I Love Jenni on Universo.

Rivera's life also inspired Mariposa de Barrio, a biographical telenovela about her life on Telemundo.

Rivera and six other passengers died on Dec. 9, 2012, after her jet crashed near Monterrey, Mexico after losing contact 15 minutes into their flight to Toluca for an appearance on Mexico's version of The Voice.

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