Jason Derulo Seemingly Knocks Out Will Smith's Front Teeth During Golf Lesson in Viral TikTok

"Will plays too much," one user wrote on Will Smith's post as another added, "He got into an entanglement with the golf club"

Jason Derulo, Will Smith
Jason Derulo and Will Smith. Photo: Will Smith/Instagram

Will Smith's golf lesson with Jason Derulo clearly didn't go as planned.

On Monday, the Aladdin actor, 51, palled around with the 30-year-old singer and jokingly pretends to have a set of his front teeth knocked out during a golf lesson that the pair documented in a TikTok video that has since gone viral.

Sharing the video to Instagram, Smith is seen coaching Derulo, who sets up his club and bends his knees per Smith's instructions, as the actor steps out of the frame.

Then, Derulo performs his swing at the same time that Smith moves back into the shot and shouts, "Hold up, don't swing yet," knocking him to the ground as a small white fragment of a tooth is seen hitting the ground.

Smith holds his mouth and moans as he crawls in front of the camera, before he shows off his chipped and missing front teeth.

Derulo then slowly backs away after the incident, telling Smith, "You ought to put some ice on that," as the Bad Boys actor begins to get back up.

"It's my turn," he tells Derulo as the "Savage Love" singer tries to walk away. Stepping back into the frame, Derulo says, "No, we can just talk about this," before Smith sets up his swing and hilariously pretends to hit Derulo between his legs.

Derulo shared the clip to his Instagram as well, captioning the video, "I don't like this game," as Smith wrote, "And we never saw @jasonderulo again," in his.

Smith then shared a followup shot of him happily posing with the singer, writing that he has to stop inviting him over.

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Many social media commentators couldn't help but question the authenticity of the video, however, given that Smith seemed to be too calm throughout the entire ordeal.

"Will plays too much 😂," one user wrote on Smith's post as another added, "He got into an entanglement with the golf club," on Derulo's.

In May, Derulo shared a similar video on TikTok where he attempts a "life hack" by trying to eat a cob of corn off a power drill.

After he starts the drill and appears to start eating the corn, he suddenly stops with a shout and looks at the camera in horror before he opens his mouth to reveal his seemingly chipped front teeth.

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