Jason Derulo Says Filming TikToks with Girlfriend Jena Frumes Makes the App 'More Fun' for Him

The couple has been together since the start of the pandemic. The singer says this time has allowed him to "be creative on so many platforms"

Jason Derulo is the unequivocal music star of TikTok.

Before becoming a viral star on the app, the 30-year-old singer-songwriter was released from a 12-year contract with his label.

"It was very fruitful, but it got really unhealthy," the "Savage Love" star tells PEOPLE of his relationship with his former recording home. "And now it's like getting over a bad breakup."

But Derulo seems to be on the rebound, both professionally — he's releasing new music and is behind some seriously viral videos — and personally. Just before the start of the pandemic, he met 26-year-old model and influencer Jena Frumes at the gym, and the two soon began dating.

Jason Derulo and girlfriend Jena Frumes
Jason Derulo and Jena Frumes.

Both popular on TikTok (Derulo has more than 33 million followers, Frumes 5.5 million), they started making TikToks together. Perhaps too many.

"Sometimes we have to be like, 'Okay, we should probably do some stuff by ourselves,'" he jokes.

"I dived headfirst into TikTok," Derulo adds. "And [with the coronavirus pandemic] I'm grateful to be having this much time in my own space, but it's really kind of messed with me."

The "Swalla" singer says he was at home only 60 days out of the last year, making the current situation quite an adjustment. "Waking up in the same bed and having somewhat of a routine, having all of this time — that's when things on TikTok got a little crazy." Such as the time he pretended to knock Will Smith's teeth out with a golf club. "We have more videos planned," hints Derulo.

Jason Derulo, <a href="https://people.com/tag/will-smith/" data-inlink="true">Will Smith</a>
Jason Derulo and Will Smith. Will Smith/Instagram

Other activities at home: Workouts with his dog Ice, hitting the recording studio at 9 p.m. (seriously!) and making crazy culinary concoctions for his nieces — like cotton candy pizza.

"Jena helps with that too," Derulo says. “Those are called 'milli meals.' Every time I reach another million followers, I make one of these crazy, crazy meals."

"It's a really outlandish, outside-of-the-box dessert," he adds. "It's really fun. It's fun to taste the craziness, something that you are probably wondering what it tastes like. People send us the craziest ideas and we try them!"

And while he might not start his day until noon (to be fair, Derulo doesn't get home from the studio around 5 a.m.), he's keeping a pretty strict routine.

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"It's about trying to create a real schedule, to make sure that I'm being as productive as possible within the amount of hours that I have," he says.

Like many Americans, Derulo can also overload his day — even at home.

"These last few months have changed the way that I think about my career," he says. "I don't think I can be away from home that long anymore. It will change a lot of people, right? After all this is over, how do you go back into the world and continue like nothing ever happened? I don't think that I can go back to that same lifestyle where I'm on a plane every single day. Things will definitely have to change."

But one thing won't be changing: Derulo's work ethic, even if he's doing it all from home.

"The harder you work, the luckier you get," the "Take You Dancing" singer says. "I've always had that mentality."

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