WATCH: Jason Derulo Talks Breakups and Past Relationships: 'It Never Worked in the Spotlight'

Jason Derulo opens up on PEOPLE Now about the difficulty of maintaining relationships in the public eye

If Jason Derulo is lucky with love this time around, it appears he’s stirred up a recipe for success when it comes to maintaining a relationship in the spotlight.

The singer-songwriter popped by PEOPLE Now to chat about his new single “If I’m Lucky,” which happens to be the ultimate breakup anthem, when he revealed going public with his relationships have “never worked in the spotlight.”

“I’m gonna try it different,” he says. “If that is something that actually happens I’m not gonna do it with everybody watching; I’m going to be as private as I can be.”

“Of course, it’s hard because you’re in the public eye, but you can be a little more private if you so desire,” he continued. “You don’t have to profess your love to the world — just profess your love to that one loved one.”

In May, Derulo — who’s been spotted with backup dancer Ragon Miller — opened up to PEOPLE about being “in a relationship, I just don’t like to publicize it.”

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And while the singer may have different barriers to overcome than your average person, like fame and being vulnerable in the spotlight, celebs are definitely just like us when it comes to coping.

“Ice cream, Netflix, donuts,” he says about his breakup ritual. “Gain 10 pounds and then you go on a crazy gym thing, trying to get your ex back by looking good.”

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