Jason Derulo Sports Skintight Spider-Man Suit for 'Wipe It Down' TikTok — and Fans Are Thirsty

The singer cast himself as the iconic superhero while participating in the viral social media challenge

Jason Derulo TikTok
Photo: Jason Derulo/TikTok (2)

Jason Derulo continues to stake a claim on being a prominent member of the TikTok community.

On Saturday, the "Wiggle" singer, 30, participated in the viral "Wipe It Down" trend, in which TikTok users record themselves wiping a mirror, using the back-and-forth motions to cut away to outfit changes.

Ripe for plenty of imaginative personalizations, the challenge was turned into an opportunity for Derulo to imagine himself as iconic web-slinging superhero, Spider-Man — with a thirst-trap twist, of course!

In the video, a shirtless Derulo wipes a large mirror to the beat of the song "Wipe It Down" by BMW KENNY, soon being bitten by a CGI spider. The artist then appears in a Spider-Man costume, dancing in the red-and-blue skintight suit before disappearing out of frame.

"With great power comes great responsibility," Derulo captioned the post, quoting a line from the Marvel hero's origin story.

It wasn't, however, Derulo's dance moves that turned heads on social media: the performer's hard-to-miss bulge drew lots of comments on Instagram, where he re-posted the TikTok. A number of fans couldn't help but point out his package — which he has previously (and publicly) referred to as his "anaconda."

"A BIG responsibility," joked one commenter, as another wrote, "I didn't know that the spiderman costume came with Thor's hammer."

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As those keeping up with Derulo's viral antics will recall, a memorable underwear photo of the star was removed from Instagram last fall after the platform deemed it as not following its policies on nudity and sexual activity.

“F-k u mean? I have underwear on… I can’t help my size..” he wrote in December, outraged at the censorship.

Joking with followers after realizing the splash the photo made, the artist commented, “Don’t lie.. did you zoom?” When one follower jested about what animal he was hiding in his pants, Derulo replied “anaconda.”

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Derulo also denied making alterations to the steamy photo. When a TMZ cameraman asked whether any retouching or enhancements were made to the picture before it made its world debut, Derulo feigned indignation at the idea that it wasn’t an accurate depiction of his endowment.

“Photoshop?! Photoshop?! Man don’t make me—,” he joked. “... Just know … us Haitians, we look different.”

Looking back on the post, he told Entertainment Tonight in December that he “didn’t think it was gonna cause, like, this much thirst.”

“I knew it was a thirst trap picture,” he said at the time. “But I didn’t think when I posted it that it was gonna be my most liked photo in that first couple of hours. I didn’t think it was going to, like, be taken down by the ‘gram…. Like, I mean, c’mon.”

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