Since joining the platform, Jason Derulo has amassed 20 million followers and counting

Jason Derulo Tiktoks
Jason Derulo, Ice Derulo
| Credit: Jason Derulo/Tiktok

Jason Derulo is making a new name for himself as a TikTok video trendsetter.

The singer, 30, recently made waves after he appeared to have lost his teeth in a seemingly painful and dangerous video he shared Tuesday.

In the clip, which appears to be a prank, the singer attempts a "life hack" by trying to eat corn on the cob from an active power drill.

"Don’t try this 😭😭😭" the "Swalla" singer captioned his video, which led some fans to express their concern. In previous TikTok videos, the star has pretended to lose a front tooth after falling into his swimming pool.

He's also shared several other prank trends on TikTok — like pretending to make an apple and lemon float while mid-air and accidentally detaching his head from his body while walking up the stairs.

Since joining the platform, Derulo has amassed 20 million followers and counting. Here's a look at some of his most viral stunts:

Performing an Extreme Balancing Stunt with His Girlfriend

In a TikTok video he shared in March, the "Whatcha Say" singer showed off his fitness and balancing abilities alongside his girlfriend Jena Frumes. In the clip, Derulo begins on his hands and knees while Frumes, 26, stands on his back. As he gradually stands up, his girlfriend gently hops on his back until she completes the stunt by standing on his shoulders.

"Well damn!" one person wrote. "I’ll be the hype dude at the end of the video," another said while another simply tweeted, "Dope, dope energy."

Shaving Off an Eyebrow After Losing a Friendly Basketball Bet 

Last month, Derulo took his TikTok antics a step further when he appeared to shave off his own eyebrow on camera after losing a friendly bet to his fellow hoopster. In the clip, the two agreed that the first one to miss his attempted basketball shot would have to shave his eyebrow. Of course, Derulo was defeated in the match.

"I must ask you a question, but I’ll shave it for later," one Twitter user hilariously quipped. "How much to shave your head?" another challenged the entertainer.

Face-swapping with His Dog Ice Derulo

Derulo has included his beloved pup Ice in his TikTok fun. In the video he shared, he's seen feeding his dog cereal — but of course, there's a twist. Derulo swapped his face with his dog's by tucking himself into his hoodie and letting Ice take center stage.

Showing off His Cheesy Pizza Baking Skills

Derulo showed his fans that he can throw down in the kitchen. Setting the mood with Italian music, Derulo quickly put together a three-topping pizza with meat, olives and curly fries, plus two cheeses and a sauce. He flashed his pearly whites before digging into the delectable homemade treat.

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That Corn on the Cob Prank Seen 'Round the World

Safety first! But if you missed this eye-catcher, here are still shots from one of the most-talked about TikTok videos that Derulo has posted — his dangerous corn on the cob prank with an active tool.

Jason Derulo corn cob
Jason Derulo
| Credit: Jason Derulo/TikTok
Jason Derulo corn cob
Jason Derulo
| Credit: Jason Derulo/TikTok

"Hey, have y'all seen this? I've always wanted to try it," Derulo says in the video, holding a power drill with the corn affixed. "Life hack."