Grammy-Winner Jasmine Cephas Jones Says Writing New Music 'Gave Me Strength, Courage and Power'

"I hope this piece of music helps people understand that it's okay to be yourself," Jasmine Cephas Jones says of her upcoming EP Blue Bird

Jasmine Cephas Jones is releasing new music.

The Grammy-winning actress, 30, will debut her EP titled Blue Bird on Tuesday, March 3. In her new tunes, Jones addresses some of the challenging emotions that individuals face as they attempt to find their own voice in a world that makes it difficult to stay true to oneself.

“Writing Blue Bird gave me strength, courage, and power from my own words and melodies in a time when I needed it the most,” Jones says. “I hope this piece of music helps people understand that it’s okay to be yourself and to know that you are capable of finding your own power and inner strength.”

The EP will include her songs “Heaven (Intro),” “Wild Thing,” “Moonlight,” “Gone Girl,” “Little Bird” and “Alice.”

There’s a special meaning behind the EP’s title Blue Bird. The name came to life when her father, This Is Us star Ron Cephas Jones, nicknamed her “Bird” after jazz musician Charlie Parker.

As for the “Blue” in the title, it demonstrates the various shades of blue that one can feel throughout life.

Jones’ new music depicts her journey throughout life and her ability to conquer the struggles that came her way. The actress — who is known for her role as Peggy Schuyler in the original production of the musical Hamilton — is engaged to actor Anthony Ramos.

“Wild Thing” and “Little Bird” are available for purchase and fans can pre-order the EP on iTunes beginning Tuesday.

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