Janet Jackson announced she is holding her first open dance auditions in over 10 years on April 23 at Starwest Studios in Burbank, CA

By Nicole Sands
April 12, 2018 04:45 PM

Join the JTribe!

On Thursday, Janet Jackson announced she will be holding her first open call dance auditions for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to #DANCEWITHJANET.

Alongside her longtime Creative Director Gil Duldulao, Jackson, 51, will begin to review social media audition submissions from around the globe on Thursday, and will open the doors for dancers from near and far on April 23 at Starwest Studios in Burbank, CA.

“Jan and I pay attention to what’s happening on social media and we see great dancers with raw talent all the time,” Duldulao said of some qualifications in a press release. “Whether you are a dance troupe or a solo artist, we’ll be checking you out!”

And just what does it take to be a member of the “Rhythm Nation” singer’s global group? Jackson’s State of the World Tour stand-out dancer Allison Buczkowski says it’s imperative to not be “what you think Janet will like,” and rather “be ourselves.”

“Being a member of the tribe definitely takes quite a bit of hard work both mentally and physically,” Buczkowski tells PEOPLE.

“It is imperative to be a smart dancer who is easy to work with because things change in an instant and you must be not only willing, but able to roll with the punches,” she adds. “We recognize we are a part of something far more than just a team, we are apart of a family. We all genuinely care about each other, and we never let anyone in the group fail; whether someone is sick, injured, etc, we are always there for each other.”

Through the years, Jackson’s passion for the art of culture-shaping choreography has advanced the careers of many world-renowned artists, dancers choreographers such as Jenna Dewan, Jennifer Lopez, and Paula Abdul.

“Working with Janet is amazing,” Buczkowski continues. “She is a prime example of a hard-working and empowered woman with vision. Her energy and work ethic brings out the best in you. She is a caring and genuine woman who creates a work environment that seems more like being around friends than work. She is definitely one of the best artists I have ever worked for.”

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