October 29, 2016 09:00 AM

Up-and-coming artist Jane Zhang transforms into some of the world’s most famous pieces of art in the eye-catching new music video for her single, “Dust My Shoulders Off.”

Vincent Van Gogh’s Self-Portrait, Girl with a Pearl Earring (Johannes Vermeer) and The Scream (Edvard Munch) are among the paintings brought to life in the high-brow clip.

With the help of Timbaland, Zhang’s upbeat new ode to brushing off the blues has been topping the charts and cracked the iTunes Top 10.

Here are three things to know about the Chinese star, 32, before she takes over the American pop music scene:


1. She is a record-breaker — and Oprah guest!

Zhang appeared on Oprah in 2009, making her American TV debut. She also became the first Chinese singer to hit the Top 5 in the iTunes download chart with her release of “Dust My Shoulders Off,” her Timbaland-featuring single. The single made it to the platform’s Top 5 in its second week of release.

“I grew up loving the sound and feel of Western popular music,” Zhang said in a statement. “Working with Timbaland allowed me to not only see how great music is produced but also the creative culture behind the scenes that enables the continuous production of great music.”

The hit-making producer shared a similar sentiment and has said: “Our collaboration allowed us to continue bridging the gap between Chinese and American pop culture.”

2. She is an award-winning artist.

For seven consecutive years, Zhang won the award for Best Female Singer at the China Pop Charts Awards. She has also been crowned Best Asian Artist at the Mnet Asian Music Awards.

3. She was discovered on a reality show.

The singer — whose range and ability to reach high notes earned her the nickname, “The Dolphin Princess” — got her big break on China’s Super Girl, a females-only singing competition similar to American Idol. Although Zhang only came in third place, she became its breakout star in 2005.

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