James Corden Reveals Kanye West 'Canceled' Two Times Before Filming Airplane Karaoke

The late-night host described Kanye West as a "complex fellow"

Kanye West isn’t the easiest person to make plans with — according to James Corden.

During the late-night host’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday, Corden revealed that before he and the “Jesus Is Lord” singer were able to come together and film their special Airplane Karaoke segment, West canceled on the talkshow personality more than once.

Kimmel who shared he’s “been in the mix with Kanye” and knows that “things go according to Kanye’s plan” — was eager to hear how the two were able to pull off such an elaborate episode.

“Complex fellow,” Corden, 41, began to describe West.

“This was actually the third time that we had tried to do a sort of Carpool Karaoke with Kanye. The first time he agreed and then he canceled a few days later, and you’re like, ‘Well, that’s a shame, but it’s fine.’ The second time that Kanye canceled Carpool Karaoke was so late in the day that I was driving up his road in the car, with all the cameras, and got this phone call saying it’s been canceled,” he continued.

“I think I basically turned around outside his house and drove back to the studio,” Corden laughed.

Days later, Corden explained it was a Saturday afternoon when he got a text from West, 42, requesting that the episode be filmed “with the whole choir on like a bus or truck in L.A.” and ready to be taped that Monday.

James Corden; <a href="https://people.com/tag/kanye-west/" data-inlink="true">Kanye West</a>
James Corden and Kanye West. Terence Patrick/CBS

However, when Monday rolled around, Corden and his team were still unable to shoot the special, not hearing anything from the rapper until the following Wednesday when the host received an email that said the shoot was “not happening today.”

Later, West finally contacted Corden and said, “I want to do it on an airplane.”

“To his credit, he and his team gets the plane,” The Late Late Show host told Kimmel during the interview. “Even as I walked onto the plane, I thought at some point somebody would go ‘No it’s not gonna happen today.’”

James Corden; <a href="https://people.com/tag/kanye-west/" data-inlink="true">Kanye West</a>
James Corden and Kanye West. Terence Patrick/CBS

Despite the multiple schedule changes, Corden shared that the Airplane Karaoke segment was aonce in a lifetime thing that I’ll never ever forget.”

“Being on that plane surrounded by that choir, sitting with him, he was in a great place in the best mood, I will never forget what that choir sounded like on that airplane,” he added.

During the famous Airplane Karaoke episode, West had a candid conversation with Corden about everything from his marriage to Kim Kardashian West and their desire to have more children, to his mental health struggles and how they impacted his faith.

West also revealed to Corden that he had “no regret and no shame” about any mistakes he may have made in the past.

“That’s the biggest thing, me being a perfectionist,” the father of four said. “That’s such a blasphemous statement to think as a man you can perfect anything. God is the only thing that’s perfect. So the only thing that can be perfect is God’s plan.”

In between topics, West’s choir of over 100 members launched into live performances of spirituals and songs from his catalog of hits, including 2004’s “Jesus Walks” and “Selah,” off his latest LP, Jesus Is King.

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