Jake Miller Shares Snippet of New Song 'Saved Me' — Written About His Girlfriend

When I met her, it really just brought me back to who I am and made me feel like me again," he says of his girlfriend

Jake Miller is ready for a new, happy chapter in his life (and music)!

Sharing an exclusive snippet of his new song “Saved Me” with PEOPLE, the 27-year-old heartthrob talked about social distancing with his family in Florida and how his girlfriend inspired the new song.

“All I liked to do was write heartbreak songs and sad songs,” he tells PEOPLE exclusively. “And now, I'm in the complete opposite headspace and all I want to do is make fun, happy music. I'm just really happy these days so I want my music to reflect that.”

Miller says he wrote “Saved Me” in September about his relationship with his girlfriend, whom he says came into his life at the perfect time.

Jake Miller
Jake Miller. Joshua Valle

“I went through a really tough breakup a few years ago, and I never thought that I would get out of that slump,” he says. “I felt like I was just drifting farther and farther away from who I am. When I met her, it really just brought me back to who I am and made me feel like me again.”

“In a sense, she really saved me,” he adds.

The upbeat earworm contrasts from some of her past tracks but still has “that Jake Miller-ness that my fans love in my music.”

Jake Miller
Jake Miller. Joshua Valle

“I was down, I was down, now I’m all the way up,” he sings on the track. “Almost drowned, pulled me out, right before I gave up. You saved me.”

Miller says his girlfriend loved the song as soon as he made it and that “she knows every word.” He also revealed that the two will soon be moving in together later this year.

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“She's my best friend,” he says. “We're really excited! We're gonna get a house together and just concentrate on being happy and forgetting the past and just moving on.”

As for now, the “LAST TEXT” singer is bonding at home with his parents and siblings in Florida — and the Millers are documenting their time at home with goofy videos on TikTok, including a series called “Quarantunes.”

“I think when all this is done, we're gonna be really happy that we have these videos to look back on,” he says. “As weird as the time was, I think it's also been a really good time and a really healthy time for us.”

As for future releases, Miller says he has “two albums worth of music ready to go,” but is unsure if “Saved Me” will be part of a larger project. However, he adds that he’s excited for the track to be the introduction to a new era of music.

And although getting off the road has been hard, he’s used the time to connect with his fans on FaceTime.

“I'm rolling with the punches and everybody's in the same boat here,” he says. “I FaceTime a lot of fans and do it every week. If you don't have your fans, then you don't have anything. They’re the reason that I'm here and that I'm able to do this so I'll FaceTime them, I'll check in on them, play the music over the phone.”

“That’s what it’s all about,” he adds.

“Saved Me” is out May 15.

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