"Ross was in love with Rachel way before she even knew it," the singer tells PEOPLE. "True love is worth the wait and that's what I wrote this song about"

Jake Miller just dropped his single "ROSS AND RACHEL," a love song about a couple who fall in love after starting out as just friends. Sound familiar?

Inspired by his favorite TV show Friends, the 27-year-old tells PEOPLE exclusively that he wanted to write a love song about Ross and Rachel's journey to love.

"Ross was in love with Rachel way before she even knew it, and he waited years for her to even notice," he said. "True love is worth the wait and that's what I wrote this song about."

Jake Miller, Friends

"Thank God that I waited 'cause my love never faded," he sings in the chorus. "I just needed patience. It was always you."

The lyrics make reference to a scene in Friends where Ross tells Rachel, "It's always been you Rach." On Wednesday, Miller shared a clip of the scene along with the word "Friday" stylized in the Friends font.


"[It's] about being in a relationship that progresses over time. Starting out as friends, and one day turning into a deep love," he tells PEOPLE. "We wanted the song to have the same nostalgic feel as Friends. Friends has always been one of my favorite shows, and Ross and Rachel have always been my favorite TV couple."

On his Instagram story, Miller also revealed that "ROSS AND RACHEL" serves as a sequel to his track "WAIT FOR YOU" from his 2019 EP BASED ON A TRUE STORY, where he sings about unrequited love.

"I think you could use someone like me," he sings on "WAIT FOR YOU." "But you ain't ready yet, you're scared to love again."

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On Friends, Ross (played by David Schwimmer) has a longtime crush on Rachel (played by Jennifer Aniston) before the start of the first season. They don't become a couple until late in season two when they confess their love for each other.

On his Instagram, Miller tagged both Schwimmer and Aniston, writing, "I wrote a song about you guys."

The new song follows the release of "SAVED ME" and "BLAME IT ON YOU," which are set to be a part of his forthcoming EP due this fall.

"All I liked to do was write heartbreak songs and sad songs," he told PEOPLE in May about "SAVED ME." "And now, I'm in the complete opposite headspace and all I want to do is make fun, happy music. I'm just really happy these days so I want my music to reflect that."

Jake Miller
Jake Miller

He also told PEOPLE he's staying in touch with fans as he stays home during the pandemic.

"I'm rolling with the punches and everybody's in the same boat here," he says. "I FaceTime a lot of fans and do it every week. If you don't have your fans, then you don't have anything. They're the reason that I'm here and that I'm able to do this so I'll FaceTime them, I'll check in on them, play the music over the phone."

Miller is set to hit the stage — virtually — on Aug. 27 on Sessions Live. "ROSS AND RACHEL" is out now.