Jack Harlow Left the Grammys Feeling 'Inspired': 'I Want to Keep This Life Going'

The "First Class" rapper was nominated in three categories at the Grammy Awards on Sunday

Jack Harlow, Grammys 2023
Jack Harlow. Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty

Jack Harlow is all gas and no brakes!

Speaking to PEOPLE about his starring role in this year's Doritos Super Bowl commercial, the rapper opened up about feeling inspired after he left the Grammy Awards ceremony on Sunday.

"I lost every category I was in and I left [feeling] upbeat," says the "First Class" rapper, 24, who was nominated for rap album, rap song and melodic rap performance at the award show.

He continues, "[I'm] feeling very inspired about what's next for me. So I'm grateful for [the Grammys] to charge me up."

Ultimately, the rapper is grateful to have been nominated and present for "inspiring performances" with "icons in the building." After releasing his second studio album Come Home the Kids Miss You in May, he's hard at work to keep living his dream.

"I want to keep this life going, and I want to keep figuring out ways to be creative and find ways to reinvent myself and keep this thing fresh," he says. "You never want it to get monotonous. You never want it to become a job."

He continues, "You always wanted to figure out ways to keep yourself excited the way you were when you were 13, 14, and just getting into the music. So yeah, I just try to learn and ingest and take in new information and stay curious."

In November, Harlow was featured in PEOPLE's Sexiest Man Alive issue as a part of the Men of the Year portfolio — and he opened up about chasing his dreams.

"I feel like I am under fewer and fewer illusions about what makes me happy. I really know what I want and I'm as disciplined as ever," he said at the time. "[I'm] hungry to improve on the person and artist I am every day."

That includes acting for the "Talk of the Town" rapper, who is set to star in the remake of "White Men Can't Jump" in May. The teaser trailer dropped earlier this week.

Similarly, in the hilarious Super Bowl commercial, Harlow decides to quit rapping to play the triangle as his costar, Missy Elliott, tries to talk him out of it. After working together for the first time, Harlow said the legendary rapper, 51, gave him a valuable piece of advice.

Elliott told Harlow to "make what you like, don't overthink, don't try to make something to please the masses," Harlow recalls. "And her results show the benefits of that."

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