Ivy Queen to Host Spotify Podcast Exploring the 'Inception' of Reggaetón: 'Thrilled for You to Hear It'

"I know how it all went down, because, honey, I was there," Queen says in a PEOPLE exclusive trailer of the podcast, which will feature the likes of Maluma, Nicky Jam and Rauw Alejandro

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Who better than La Caballota to walk us through the history of reggaetón?

PEOPLE can exclusively announce the launch of Loud, Spotify's new podcast exploring the history and evolution of the genre taking over the world: reggaetón, hosted by none other than Ivy Queen.

"This podcast is filled with historical moments detailing the inception of our genre Reggaetón," Queen, 49, tells PEOPLE. "I'm extremely excited and thrilled for you all to hear it."

Queen — who is often credited as one of the pioneers of the genre — will invite leaders in the genre on to speak on its evolution. Among those making appearances on LOUD are Nicky Jam, Rauw Alejandro, Zion y Lennox, Sech, along with Maluma.

spotify loud the history of reggeton

"Reggaeton: the beat that has taken over the world and dominates mainstream music," she says in a PEOPLE exclusive audio trailer. "We win the awards shows, taught you about perreo, but honey, not a lot of people know how it started... I know how it all went down, because, honey, I was there."

Produced by Spotify and Futuro Studios, the singer walks through how the "raw and irresistible" sound of reggaetón defied racism and took over the world. Each episode will share a prominent story from a war between two DJs in San Juan that led to Daddy Yankee being injured to drug trades to the success of "Gasolina."

"[We're] telling you the real story behind reggaetón, none of that fake s—," Queen says. "It's a story of how we got Loud."

The series is set to premiere on Aug. 4 with new episodes being released every week.

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