Ingrid Michaelson and Leslie Odom Jr. Drop Video for 'All I Want for Christmas Is You' Cover

The duet with Leslie Odom Jr. appears on her new Songs for the Holiday collection, out now

Tis the season … for holiday music, that is!

In September, Ingrid Michaelson released a cover of Mariah Carey’s classic festive bop "All I Want for Christmas Is You" — and now PEOPLE has the exclusive premiere of the music video for the track.

In the black-and-white clip, Michaelson and duet partner Leslie Odom Jr. perform their slow-burning, yearning rendition of the track, while dancers Chantel Aguirre and Ehizoje Azeke deliver a stunning interpretive dance, choreographed by So You Think You Can Dance‘s Stacey Tookey.

“With the video, I knew it had it be done in one take,” Michaelson, 38, said. “The dancers represent our souls and emotions and their interplay, while Leslie and I are separated by distance. [It] really illustrates this longing in a beautiful way.”

Shervin Lainez

Michaelson added: “I’m just such a fan of the song that I had to find some way to cover it that would vibe with the rest of the record. To me, the song is really about longing for someone who can’t be there with you. We stripped it down, added strings and tried to pull the sentiment and emotion to the forefront.”

As for teaming up with her Tony-winning collaborator?

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“Leslie was the first person who came to mind when I thought about making it a duet,” Michaelson said of the Hamilton alum. “He said yes, and I’m so thankful he did as he added so much heart.”

Michaelson’s interpretation of “All I Want for Christmas Is You” appears on her new Songs for the Holiday collection, out now.

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