The star talks exclusively with PEOPLE about her new single off her upcoming album Digital Distortion

Iggy Azalea is flipping the “Switch.”

After writing the first single (available here) off her upcoming album Digital Distortion last August, the Australian rapper finally released the track on Friday just in time for summer.

“I wanted to make a song that could be fun to dance to, but the lyrics when you really listen to them are very powerful,” she tells PEOPLE exclusively.

Acknowledging the lyrics (“Red light, yellow light, green light, switch / This is ’bout that time you recognize that I’m that bitch”) have a “sexual” tone, Azalea explains that “it’s not a victimized sexualization” but rather about “a woman being in control of what I want to do and when I want to go and when I want to stop.”

Credit: Orin Fleurimont

She teamed up with Brazilian pop star Anitta for the track, and the duo immediately hit it off after being introduced.

“[The song] has that tropical vibe and a Latin flavor people are really enjoying right now,” she says of the collaboration. “I wanted to find the perfect girl who already had that kind of style and as soon as I saw her videos on YouTube, I was like ‘This is the perfect person!’ She’s very unapologetic and strong but super feminine. We clicked straight away.”

Azalea, 26, also went all-out for the accompanying music video, which features custom-made costumes for every scene and “tropical” touches including real-life toucans.

“It’s sort of this fantasy safari of badass women,” she says. “Some of the stuff I would see back on camera and think to myself, ‘Wow, this must seem like it’s all green-screen,’ but it’s really happening! I feel really nostalgic thinking about the music videos I liked as a child and not knowing how much was reality or what was computer-generated. I want to be able to give that to the kids and adults of my generation.”

Credit: Courtesy Def Jam Recordings

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Joking that her follow-up album to 2014’s The New Classic has “become a bit of an urban myth,” the star — who went through a highly publicized breakup with ex-fiancé Nick Young last year — is gearing up for its release later this summer.

“I’d been working for so long and just felt like I needed to take a little break and live my life and get some perspective about what I really wanted to say,” she says about taking her time writing. “I think some of my real core fanbase will like me taking the chance and experimenting. I really wanted to give them a bit of a reminder of why they fell in love with me in the first place.”