Ice Cube Gives Jennifer Lopez Advice on A-Rod Romance — and Talks 25 Years of Marriage with Wife Kimberly

While many Hollywood couples fizzle out, Ice Cube has been with his wife since 1989

Ice Cube has some relationship pointers for Jennifer Lopez as her romance with Alex Rodriguez heats up — and she should listen up, as he’s celebrating 25 years of marriage with his wife Kimberly Woodruff this year.

Speaking to PEOPLE Now about his Anaconda costar, the rapper and actor reminisced about working on the horror flick — which was released 20 years ago — with Lopez. He said the two were thrilled to survive throughout the entire movie.

“We was just kind of cool that we had a chance to kill the snake because most of the time, the black person and the brown person is the first one[s] [eaten],” he joked.

As for her new relationship — which seems to be getting serious, as Rodriguez’s sister shared some cute selfies hanging out with her “sister-in-law” over the weekend — Ice Cube wished the best for Lopez and the former New York Yankees star.

“Have fun with it!” he said. “Hopefully it’ll last and we’ll sit here 25 years later.”

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While many Hollywood couples fizzle out due to the difficulty of balancing personal life and a high-profile career, Ice Cube has been with his wife since 1989, marrying in November 1992.

His advice to other couples in the public eye?

“I think you’ve got to be friends first,” said the rapper. “A lot of people get together and they want to go and do their thing and jump right into a relationship, but I think that’s the wrong approach. You’ve got to have somebody that you’re cool with, that you’re friends with, and then start the relationship.”

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Ice Cube shares that having a constant companion throughout his career has been invaluable.

“She’s been everything. This business looks like it’s exciting all the time, but sometimes it can get lonely,” he said. “Somebody that knows you for real, knows everything about you, just to have her there fighting these battles with me this whole career has been awesome.”

Mostly, he just feels lucky.

“I’m glad she’s stuck with me all this time, didn’t kick me to the curb,” Ice Cube joked.

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