Hayley Kiyoko Says Her 20s 'Challenged Every Fiber of My Existence' as She Turns 30: a 'Restart'

Sharing a lengthy post on Instagram, the singer said turning 30 last week "felt like a massive restart"

Hayley Kiyoko
Photo: Hayley Kiyoko/Instagram

Hayley Kiyoko is feeling confident as she turns 30!

The "Curious" songstress shared several selfies to celebrate her 30th birthday last week. Kiyoko opened up about entering her third decade made her feel like she "could finally breathe" as she discussed some of her health issues, though she didn't get into specifics.

"I haven't really shared much about my health journey these past couple of years but I know there will be a time for that," Kiyoko wrote. "What I will say is turning 30 has felt like the biggest accomplishment of my life. I have never felt so proud to have made it. My 20s have challenged every fiber of my existence and turning 30 felt like I could finally breathe. It felt like a massive restart."

The singer continued by saying that she felt "forced to advocate" for her body since she was in so much pain as she searched for answers surrounding her health struggles.

"For myself, the medications I've been on have only made things worse for my physical and mental health. I also tried supplements and that didn't fully work," she wrote. "I am finally starting to get a routine that is helping my body function better and this moment of relief feels like oxygen."

"Our bodies have their own needs and every remedy is not for everyone. It's frustrating because you have to experiment knowing that the cost can result in pain and hopelessness," she added. "And having patience is trying. To find what works and what doesn't."

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The singer concluded by saying she's still on her "wellness" journey, but that today, she's feeling comfortable in her own skin.

"I wanted to share this moment with you all. I have not felt comfortable or loving to my body for a very very long time," she added. "And this moment of feeling confident should be celebrated."

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