May 12, 2017 09:55 AM
NBC’s TODAY/Nathan Congleton

Harry Styles is attempting a rare feat — transitioning from being a member of a massively successful band to launching an equally monumental solo career.

It’s too early to make the call yet, but if the hype surrounding the release of his debut album, Harry Styles, is any indication, he’s about to R-O-C-K us again. With the new project comes a slightly more polished and mature, though still thoroughly Harry, image. However, thinking about the singer’s early career still makes our hearts skip a beat or two.

In honor of the gift that is Harry Styles (and, you know, the gift that is Harry Styles), here are 15 throwback moments that will instantly melt you.

1. When his lip bite was the single most influential part of the “Best Song Ever” video.

(But if we’re being honest, the entirety of “Best Song Ever” is iconic.)

2. When his sister brought a date to his concert and he couldn’t help but be an overprotective brother.

3. When we gladly would have ridden in the trunk just to be near him during Carpool Karaoke.

4. When his disastrous “Night Changes” date was still better than any date we’ve ever been on.

It might have been mildly catastrophic …

… but we’re still swooning

5. When he auditioned for The X Factor U.K. and nonchalantly changed the course of our lives.

6. When he recovered from a house party by taking a relaxing bubble bath.

7. When One Direction’s performance of “Happily” (which Harry co-wrote) perfectly captured our emotions whenever we see his glorious face.

8. When he cuddled with a puppy because he knew it would be too much for us to handle.

9. When even his hat hair was perfectly tousled.

10. When he admitted he hooked up with a fan and the FOMO was so, so real.

11. When we broke up with our boyfriends because they will never be as flawless as Harry’s “What Makes You Beautiful” solo.

12. When we saw Harry working out and we actually stopped breathing.

13. When his Twitter feed read our minds.

14. When his childhood photo in “Story of My Life” actually made us weep silently.

15. When One Direction’s performance of “Torn” left us shook way back when …

… and still gave us chills in 2015.

Never ever change, Harry.

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