May 08, 2017 11:25 AM

It’s finally here! Harry Styles‘ music video for his first-ever solo single, “Sign of the Times,” dropped on Monday morning — and people are already talking.

The five-minute video — which he was spotted filming in April — finds the former One Direction member flying over mountains and walking on water in Scotland’s Isle of Skye, while belting out these emotional lyrics:

“Just stop your crying/Have the time of your life/Breaking through the atmosphere/And things are pretty good from here”

Naturally, Twitter users have a lot to say about the singer’s debut clip. Here are just a handful of reviews, courtesy of the singer’s die-hard/newly minted fans … and everyone else.

On who Styles definitely channeled for his debut music video:

On not realizing Styles has the ability to fly and walk on water:

On feeling totally anxious/intimidated by his skills:

On the video’s use of nature:

On just who Styles is as a human:

On the video’s aesthetic:

On the video’s most important issue:

On the Wuthering Heights comparison:

Styles’ self-titled debut album is set to drop on May 12. He’ll kick off a world tour in San Francisco this fall.

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