Zip-Lines! Pyro! Dancers! Harry Styles Goes All Out for 'Crosswalk Concert' on 'The Late Late Show'

"I am beginning to think that James might just be a genius," the British singer said of the spectacle

Harry Styles is taking his music to the streets!

While the pop star may be used to performing in arenas, on Wednesday he performed his first ever “Crosswalk Concert” while appearing on James Corden‘s The Late Late Show — singing some of his latest hits in 30 seconds intervals at a busy intersection outside of the LA television studio.

When Corden first gave Styles the idea, the “Sign of the Times” singer, 25, was very much against it, calling it a “total waste of time.” However, the TV host got his way, even hiring a whole score of back-up dancers to join Styles on the crosswalk during his performances.

Harry Styles crosswalk concert
Harry Styles crosswalk concert.

Though the former One Directioner was hesitant about the concert at first, he performed with gusto, even running around and grinding on the hoods of waiting cars during his first song, “Kiwi.”

When the lights turned green, Styles and the performers rushed out of the way as cars began to honk, with Corden exclaiming, “That was electric!” While preparing for the next song, the comedian walked around the busy street, selling concert merchandise.

Harry Styles crosswalk concert
Terence Patrick/CBS

Next up was “Lights Up,” a song “about self acceptance and the freedom that comes with being open and vulnerable, a theme I feel is best represented through modern dance,” Corden explained.

“That was amazing, can’t believe I ever doubted James,” Styles said after the second song. “You know it’s a fine line between insanity and genius, but I am beginning to think that James might just be a genius.”

He then performed “Watermelon Sugar” before the Corden revealed his epic idea for the concert’s finale.

Harry Styles crosswalk concert
Harry Styles. Terence Patrick/CBS
Harry Styles films a Christmas special edition for James Cordens carpool karaoke show as he is seen singing whilst flying across the street in Los Angeles. 20 Nov 2019

“All shows finish with a big finale. This is the most exciting, most dangerous thing we’ve ever done,” Corden said. “After this you’re going to soar to new heights, if this works properly.”

For the finale, Corden had Styles zip-line across traffic while singing “Sign of the Times.” Onlookers laughed in disbelief as the artist got stuck halfway across the intersection and Corden had to run out to pull him the rest of the way.

“That was incredible!” the host yelled, adding “let’s go celebrate” while jokingly leaving Styles hanging behind.

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The British singer was on the late show promoting his upcoming album, Fine Line, which is out Dec. 13.

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