From Jokes to Lip Locks: Inside Harry Styles and James Corden's Long-Running Bromance

Harry Styles and James Corden have a bromance that's been brewing since 2015

They’ve got a whole lot of history!

Harry Styles first crossed paths with James Corden early in his career, thanks to his bandmate Louis Tomlinson, whose mom had worked on a British television program Corden starred in during the 2000s. After Tomlinson got on X Factor, he reached out to Corden and brought Styles along to hang out. Styles also lived with the late night champ’s future executive producer following One Direction’s star-making turn on X Factor. The bromance truly kicked into high gear in 2015 and has been going strong ever since. Just how close are they? Well, Styles was the one Corden turned to when he needed to find a last-minute replacement to host The Late Late Show as he and his wife Julia Carey welcomed their third child together.

Poking fun at his friend, Styles told the audience that he “was just at the hospital before I came to fill in and she looks a lot like James — mainly because James looks like a giant baby.”

Despite the differences between the 23-year-old heartthrob and the 39-year-old funnyman, the pair have frequently collaborated together on the late night show, which has only caused their friendship to grow.


From jokes to lip locks, here’s a look back at some of the best moments of their long-running bromance.

Styles appears on The Late Late Show for the first time

Less than a month after Zayn Malik announced he had decided to quit One Direction, the band made their first appearance on Corden’s late night show. “We should talk about the fact that there are now four of you,” Corden said before asking Styles if they’d ever thought about replacing Zayn with a certain British-born American talk show personality with the “voice of an angel.” Namely, himself.

“No,” Styles succinctly answered.

“Not even for a split second,” Corden replied, jokingly pretended to be hurt.

After Styles doubled down on his original answer, Corden turned to the singer’s bandmate Louis Tomlinson and said, “You’ve always been my favorite.”

During the same visit, Corden also ribbed Styles about the one time a fan threw a dildo during a concert that nearly hit him in the face. “Not for the first time—eh, H,” the host joked.

Styles gets a Corden-inspired tattoo

A few months later, the boys went on Corden’s show again to talk about tattoos. Specifically, tattoos they regretted.

Although Styles said he didn’t have any tattoos he regretted, he admitted “there’s a couple I did myself that aren’t very good” like when he “wrote ‘big’ on my big toe.”

The band then proceeded to play a game with the TV host called “Tattoo Roulette,” in which the loser had to get the words “Late Late” permanently inked on their body during the television program. Fittingly, it was Styles who ended up getting the tattoo.

After joking he wanted to put it on his chest, Styles ultimately fit the new tattoo into a cluster of existing inkings on his arm.

Corden then gave a nod to Styles when appearing shirtless on the March 2016 cover of WSJ. Magazine, dotted in a sea of temporary tattoos that included knives, anchors and butterflies.

“Here’s my interview in @WSJ it was @Harry_Styles who inspired the look!” he tweeted.

The friends share their first Carpool Karaoke together

A week later, Styles starred in his first Carpool Karaoke video with Corden, alongside his four bandmates.

Asked if anybody needed to “wee,” Styles raised his hand before being promptly told by Corden that he needed to hold it.

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Styles and Corden share the stage at the Late Late Show for a week

In May, Styles kicked off a week-long residency with Corden on the Late Late Show. In addition to appearing in a variety of comedy segments, he also performed a new song from his solo album each night.

During the fun-filled week the British heartthrob — pretending to be the TV host — introduced Corden,who dressed up as Styles, playfully calling him an “incredible artist,” “narcissistic” and “one of my personal favorites.”

The jokes continued as Corden — wearing a Styles-inspired suit without a shirt underneath — said he was “working on my pain” and “making my searing pop album.”

The week culminated in Styles performing his first solo Carpool Karaoke segment with Corden. The two shared a tender moment as Styles revealed that his favorite duet to belt out is “Endless Love” by Diana Ross and Lionel Richie.

Styles makes a guest appearance on The Late Late Show to answer a phone call

In June, while The Late Late Show was finishing up its three-show residency in the UK, Styles made a guest appearance to answer a telephone call.

As the “prop phone” on Corden’s desk began to ring, Styles walked out and had a prolonged conversation before slyly telling the TV host that it was the “wrong number.”

The longtime friends lock lips

Making his third Carpool Karaoke appearance in December, Styles took part in a special holiday edition of the popular segment. He also gave his longtime friend an extra special Christmas present: a kiss on the lips.

“I did not expect that for Christmas,” Corden said as the pair laughed in their seats.

Styles steps in as guest host as Corden and his wife welcome their new baby

Terence Patrick/CBS

On Tuesday, Styles revealed that he was only given two hours warning before stepping into his friend’s shoes as Corden welcomed the arrival of his third child.

“I was sitting at home two hours ago in this suit, obviously,” he said. “I got the call Jules was going into labor so James naturally called the funniest man he knew… he obviously wasn’t available.”

The former One Direction member also addressed his surprising kiss with Corden on Carpool Karaoke which had aired the night before, saying, “I would like to take the opportunity to announce that… we will also be having a baby!”

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