Harry Styles on Being a Muse for Ex Taylor Swift, His Robbery & More Highlights from His Interview with Howard Stern

The former One Direction singer made his debut on The Howard Stern Show on Monday

Harry Styles is dropping some major bombshells.

On Monday, the former One Direction singer — who released his second solo studio album, Fine Line, in December — made his debut on Sirius XM’s The Howard Stern Show, where he talked about everything from (allegedly) being the inspiration behind some of ex Taylor Swift‘s songs to getting robbed on Valentine’s Day.

In the wide-ranging interview, Styles, 26, also opened up about going solo, his rumored collaboration with pal Adele, his friendship with Stevie Nicks and his thoughts on marriage. Read on for more revelations.

He thinks it’s “flattering” when other artists write songs about him

When Stern, 66, asked his thoughts on people writing songs about him, Styles said, “I think it’s, like, flattering. Even if the song isn’t that flattering, you still spent time on it and ultimately, using Taylor as an example, she’s a great songwriter. So they’re good songs.”

Styles and Swift, 30, dated for several months back in 2012. Though the “Lover” singer never confirmed the rumors herself, fans believe her hit songs “Style” and “Out of the Woods” off her 2014 album, 1989, were written about Styles.

Styles’ song “Two Ghosts” off his 2017 self-titled debut solo album is also believed to be a direct response to Swift’s “Style” because of his lyrics “Same lips red, same eyes blue / Same white shirt, couple more tattoos.” In “Style,” Swift sings “I got that red lip, classic thing that you like … You got that long hair slicked back, white T-shirt.”

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He finds dating to be a balancing act — and he’s not on any of the apps

“It’s always kind of a balance thing, because you want to date normally but then, you also want to protect it so it can be normal,” Styles said. “I think a big part of it is like, you want to be able to spend enough time with each other where you can get to know each other before you have to deal with the extra stuff.”

Fans hoping to come across Styles on one of their favorite dating apps are out of luck, though, since he confirmed that he’s not on any of them.

He would “like to be” married one day

“It’s definitely what I want to do,” Styles said about marriage.

Harry Styles
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He broke his silence about being robbed at knifepoint

For the first time, Styles went into details about how he was mugged at knifepoint while out in London on Feb. 14. Previously, Styles only confirmed that he was “okay” following the incident during an appearance on the Today show last month.

“Yes, I was robbed on Valentine’s Day — that’s what you get for being single these days!” he joked to Stern. “I should have had other plans.”

Styles explained that the incident happened while he was walking home from a friend’s house. When he was about five minutes away, he said a “group of guys [with] their hoods up and their faces covered” started following him.

“I’m walking up the street, and I keep turning around and the guys crossed the road,” he said. “And I’m like, ‘That’s weird.’ I hear shuffling of feet trying to catch up to me, so I crossed the street and then they crossed the street, and I’m like, ‘Oh f—k’s sake.’ Then I crossed the street again, and they crossed the street again. And I’m like, ‘Oh for f—k’s sake, I think I’m about to get robbed.’ So the guy’s like, ‘Hey, can we talk to you for a minute?’ And there’s nobody around, so I’m like, ‘Sure.’ And he’s like, ‘Do you smoke weed?’ And I said, ‘No.’ And he goes, ‘Do you want some weed?’ And I thought, ‘No.’ And then he was like, ‘What have you got on you?'”

That’s when Styles said the group gathered around him and tried to get him to unlock his phone and give it to them.

“I thought about throwing it in the pond to just be like, ‘Neither of us have it.’ Then I thought, ‘I don’t want to piss them off,’” he said. “There were, like, two cars coming, and I just felt an opportunity and I just sprinted and ran. I ran into the road and I tried to stop a car … [Then I] turned and ran toward the village where I live … I guess because they had some cash and stuff they ended up just turning around.”

He doesn’t “condemn” Zayn Malik for being the first to leave One Direction

“I don’t know if I could say it’s something he shouldn’t have done,” Styles said of Malik’s 2015 departure from the former boy band. “I just didn’t feel that way. So, it’s hard for me to condemn it, ’cause I don’t. Especially in hindsight looking at it now, the last thing that I would’ve wanted is for him to have stayed there if he didn’t want to be there.”

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He wanted his solo career to take a different direction than his former band’s

When Styles first emerged as a solo artist after One Direction announced they’d be going on hiatus in January 2016, he said he kept thinking, “I don’t want to make fun music.”

“A lot of that was a subconscious thing,” he said. “I just didn’t want to make the same music — not because I didn’t like it, I just … I wanted it to be a different thing.”

Of his continued success, Styles said, “I know there’s hundreds and thousands, if not millions, of musicians who are so far superior to me as a musician. I do think a lot of this stuff is about luck, and I do believe some people make their own luck, but I also think so much of it is about luck and timing. When I look at it, there’s no reason for it to have been me who got to do it.”

Harry Styles
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He talks to a therapist

Styles said he sees a Los Angeles-based therapist but does not have one in London.

“We call sometimes,” he said. “It’s much easier to have just one person who is a vessel and who I can tell everything to. If I have two people, I think it could be confusing for me.”

He experimented with magic mushrooms while recording Fine Line

Styles touched on a story he first shared to Rolling Stone in 2019 about doing magic mushrooms while recording Fine Line and accidentally biting off the tip of his tongue. “I was high, so I jumped out the window and I hit my chin on my knee and I bit the end of my tongue off,” he told Stern.

In the Rolling Stone interview, Styles said the accident didn’t stop him from recording. “So I was trying to sing with all this blood gushing out of my mouth,” he said.

Harry Styles
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He had Stevie Nicks over to his house to listen to Fine Line before its release

Styles told Stern that the Fleetwood Mac singer, 71, and her “witches coven” came to his house to listen to Fine Line before it was released.

“They’re so used to living nocturnally — you know, they wake up really late and then they kind of live through the night ‘cause they’re, you know, witches,” he said. “So it’s getting to like 3 a.m. playing the album, I’m like, ‘I’m kinda tired’ and they’re, like, right in their prime. They’re really like, ‘Oh this is like daytime for us.’”

Harry Styles and Stevie Nicks
Harry Styles and Stevie Nicks. Helene Pambrun

He doesn’t have any plans to release a collaboration with Adele (at least not yet)

After Styles and Adele, 31, were spotted on vacation together in Anguilla in January, many fans believed a collaboration might be on the way for the two artists.

Addressing the rumors, Styles said, “I feel like that’s just any time two musicians hang out. Either they’re dating or they’re recording together.”

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