From their shared love for the Lakers to their matching tattoos, here's everything you need to know about Halsey's man

Halsey is having a baby!

The singer, 26, announced on Wednesday that she's expecting a baby and tagged her boyfriend, screenwriter Alev Aydin, 37, in the post.

"Heart so full, I love you, sweetness," he commented on the post, while she replied, "I love you!!!!! And I love this mini human already!"

The couple "have been dating for several months," a source tells PEOPLE. "Halsey has been low-key about their relationship. They were spending a lot of time at her house in the fall though, and it was obvious that she was happy."

Here's everything we know about the dad-to-be:

Halsey and Alev got matching tattoos in June 2020

The two got tattoos!

Back in June, the singer-screenwriter pair got matching tattoos on their feet of the word "Seeds." Aydin got inked on the top of his foot while Halsey placed hers near her heel.

It's unclear what the word means to the couple, but one fan noticed that the week they got their tattoo was "cosmically the best week to plant a seed."

He's Turkish

Aydin is proud of his roots!

The singer has shared posts about his heritage, including beautiful landscape shots of his "homeland" of Turkey.

"I went back to the motherland for about a month. Bittersweet this time though," he captioned a post at the start of the pandemic.

Back on New Year's Eve, Halsey shared a sweet post dedicated to Aydin — and she even wrote in Turkish.

"Grateful for you this year and every year, sweets. seni çok seviyorum," she wrote, meaning "I love you so much."

He created a Netflix TV show called Small Shots

He's a screenwriter!

In 2017, Aydin released an eight-episode TV series he created titled Small Shots, which is available on Netflix. Some of his other work include Turbo and Joey, which dropped in 2013. He executive produced a short called HipMen: Los Angeles.

"Premiere last night was a riot. Show comes out this Friday, March 31st on Netflix," he wrote back in 2017.

"We're popular, folks. Who's watchin?!" he captioned another photo about the project.

He loves basketball (just like Halsey!)


Halsey has her boo to talk basketball with — and share tweets from her @halseyandone account — since Aydin is a big B-Ball fan as well.

On his own Twitter, Aydin often shares basketball videos and memes. Meanwhile, back in August, he shared a photo of himself rocking a Lakers jersey as a child. (Halsey is a fan of the L.A. team too!)

"When ball is life, but also, blades is life, too," he captioned the post.

He's outspoken about racial injustice

As protests started across the country following the police killing of George Floyd, Aydin was outspoken about issues of police brutality and racial injustice.

"Aside from the orgs listed (tagged) here, there are others also in need of every dollar in their efforts to undo centuries-old systems that have dismantled Black communities for generations and disenfranchised so many," he wrote on June 2, sharing a list of organizations aimed at fighting racial injustice. "Police PACs have used their money for decades to wield an ungodly and egregious amount of influence in the political space, which is why (among a long history of perpetual atrocity at the hands of police) the entire country burns as the leadership in MN refuses to arrest the three other officers involved in George Floyd's murder."

"Please use your money in aid of these organizations and help them fight this fight. Help them win," he added. "Please share this with others, and add to the list. And as always, F— Donald Trump."

He's a Pisces

Pisces + Libra = "a match made in heaven!"

Born on March 17, Aydin is a Pisces making him "extremely compatible" with Halsey's sign Libra, according to Elite Daily. (Halsey is really into astrology and even has a tattoo of her sign.)

"A Pisces and a Libra are both loyal to their friends and family, and will often go to extreme lengths to make sure they keep their loyalty intact," according to Elite Daily. "They're often amiable to other people's schedules, time frames, and availability. "

"I'm a libra and so is lil Wayne and that's all you'll ever need to know about me," she tweeted back in 2014.