Fans Think Hailey Baldwin Posted Song 'I'll Kill You' in Response to Selena Gomez's New Single

Selena Gomez dropped her new single "Lose You to Love Me" at midnight on Tuesday

Just after Selena Gomez dropped her new single, “Lose You to Love Me,” Hailey Baldwin posted an Instagram Story that had some fans wondering if she was shading the singer.

On Tuesday night, Gomez, 27, dropped her highly anticipated new song as well as the accompanying music video, both of which seemingly allude to her on-and-off relationship with ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber, who is now married to Baldwin.

Around the same time as the release of the single, Baldwin, 22, posted a screenshot of the song “I’ll Kill You” by Summer Walker to her Instagram Story — causing fans to question if she was responding to Gomez’s lyrics.

“I’m not trying to start any drama and I’ve never talked about Hailey Baldwin before,” one user wrote, adding, “I’ve never believed the things that Selenators says about her until now, I mean it’s not a coincidence to post this story right after the song is dropped.”

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Hailey Bieber Instagram
Hailey Bieber Instagram

Another user tweeted: “Selena Gomez released a song … about her life experiences [with] an ex and leaving him behind (Justin Bieber now married to Hailey Baldwin) and like 5 minutes later Hailey Baldwin posted this. It’s not the first time she’s shaded her and probably not the last.”

Selena Gomez dropped an honest and vulnerable song roasting Justin Bieber and minutes later Hailey Baldwin [sic] posts this lmaoooooo [I need to go to bed],” a third Twitter user added.

Bieber, 25, also shared a social media post around the same time that Gomez’s single dropped. The pop star — who proposed to Baldwin just months after calling it quits again with Gomez in March 2018 — posted a photo of what appears to be a cheetah with part of its face covered in blood. Bieber reposted the image from an Instagram account called “Nature is Metal.”

While Gomez hasn’t revealed the specific inspiration for her new track, the revealing lyrics detail a toxic relationship, and many fans are convinced it’s about her up and down relationship with Bieber.

“Set fire to my purpose and I let it burn / You got off in the hurtin’ when I wasn’t yours,” she sings in one verse, seemingly referencing Bieber’s 2015 album Purpose.

Then in a later verse, Gomez gets even more specific, singing: “In two months you replaced us like it was easy / Made me think I deserved it in the thick of healing.”

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“This song was inspired by many things that have happened in my life since releasing my last album,” Gomez — who co-wrote the track — said in a statement. “I thought it was important to share the music, as I know many can relate to the fact that the road to self-discovery generally comes through the scars in one’s life.”

“I want people to feel hope and to know you will come out the other side stronger and a better version of yourself,” she added.

Over the last year, Gomez has been posting videos and photos from the studio on her social media accounts, hinting at a follow-up to her 2015 solo album, Revival, which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200.

“I feel like the next few choices that I’m gonna make are very crucial, so I’m trying to be really, really diligent and just patient with everything,” she told her fans earlier this year. “The album is coming very soon.”

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