Hailee Steinfeld Says New Song 'Coast' Is a 'Taste of What's to Come': 'Been a Long Time Coming'

Steinfeld's newest role as a brand ambassador for Core Hydration marks the release of "Coast," which is available for pre-save now

Hailee Steinfeld
Hailee Steinfeld. Photo: Sasha Samsonova

Between Hailee Steinfeld's multi-faceted career, finding what keeps her balanced in her everyday life is of the utmost importance.

Speaking to PEOPLE about her involvement in Core Hydration's Find Your Balance campaign, the singer and actress says that balance is a "huge part" of her life.

"That is something I am actively trying to do between my professional life, my personal life, and combining both of them," Steinfeld, 25, says. "Finding balance has been really a huge priority for me for a long time, especially in the last few years with the accumulation of everything. Having two shows, working on my music."

To Steinfeld, strategies for maintaining balance in her everyday life vary — though there are a few she knows will never fail her.

Hailee Steinfeld
Hailee Steinfeld. CORE Hydration

"What I love about the act of finding your balance [is] it doesn't necessarily have to be one specific thing. I find going for a walk, something as simple as being in nature, meditating, [and] following guided meditations [works] — I love working out, working out is a huge part of my life."

She continues, "My dad is my personal trainer, one of the best if I do say so myself. And that time for me has become about walking out, feeling stronger mentally and physically."

In some cases, Steinfeld also finds that calm within her hours at work.

"I really do feel though my work life can be very hectic at times, when I'm in a studio, I feel [at] peace. I feel a sense of balance and calmness through it all. I get to walk into a space and feel free and creative and that's a huge place that I feel I find my balance."

As for working in the studio on her new music — her partnership with the brand also marks the announcement of her upcoming song which fans have been eagerly waiting for. In conjunction with the partnership, Steinfeld will release "Coast," her first song since her EP Half Written Story in 2020. The song is available for pre-save now.

"I'm very excited about the fact that this is just a very small taste of what's to come. I cannot wait to put music out. It's been a long time coming," she says of her newest release.

She continued, "It is absolutely going to represent a new era. I've been living with what I've been working on for years now, a couple years, which I really do feel I needed in order to get to where I'm at with the music. And though it is rather frustrating. I have the most patient fans, I don't know how but I got so lucky."

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"But I'm so grateful that I had the time that I had to figure it all out and get it to where it is because I'm so incredibly proud," she later added.

In November, the star told Cosmopolitan that her upcoming music reflected her current mindset.

"I'm in a place right now where I'm pretty sure I know what I want for me, in relation­ships, work, and life in general," she said. "So that's what I'm after. I'm painting the picture of what all that looks like."

As for what exactly she wants in a relationship, in particular, Steinfeld told the outlet, "I want a partner who is, first and foremost, loyal and honest but confident in themselves and able to do their thing while I do mine. It's weird talking about it because it's been in my head for so long."

"A lot of this music is also about taking control and taking ownership of one's self," she continued. "But I also think there's power in claiming what you want, and maybe what you want is not to be alone."

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