Gwen Stefani Says There's 'Zero Pressure' to Get Engaged to Blake Shelton — But They're 'Forever'

Engaged or not, Gwen Stefani is committed to her future with Blake Shelton

Engaged or not, Gwen Stefani is committed to her future with Blake Shelton.

The No Doubt frontwoman, 49, opened up about her relationship to Today‘s Natalie Morales in an interview that aired Wednesday, and revealed a few surprising details about the couple’s approach to Christmas shopping — and marriage.

The “Sweet Escape” singer said that she and her country star boyfriend, 42, bond over their past relationships and divorces — her from Gavin Rossdale, and him from Miranda Lambert.

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“There is zero pressure … when there’s trauma, the way that we had trauma back in the day,” she said, referring to being cheated on. “Going through all these hard times, [you] get to a place where you find somebody that’s like your best friend, that you know you can depend on and trust and go through life — we’re just trying to be in the moment as much as we can.”

When Morales asked Stefani if she thinks Shelton is forever, she raved, “I hope so, yeah!”

But even with such a strong connection, holiday shopping doesn’t get any easier, the mom of three revealed.

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“We both are kind of out of ideas. We’ve been so blessed and so spoiled,” she said before sharing a story about her Black Friday shopping this year.

“I had this jacket that I really wanted and it was a little expensive and I didn’t know if I was gonna get it,” Stefani recalled. “I was showing it to [Blake], and he tried to buy it for me for Christmas, but I bought it anyways, and it came, and he saw that I already had it, and he was mad about it.”

Then she revealed that she’s having even worse luck shopping for him because he wants a fishing pole.

“I did try to shop for fishing poles last night, but I was getting so bored,” she said with a laugh.

Earlier this month, the “Hollaback Girl” hitmaker confirmed that she and Shelton are not, in fact, engaged despite Ellen DeGeneres‘ attempts to get her to say otherwise.

“So Blake told me that y’all are engaged now,” the comedian joked on her show.

“No he didn’t,” a surprised Stefani exclaimed. “No, we’re not. No, we’re not. No, we’re not.”

DeGeneres remained committed to the act. “Yes, he told me you’re engaged,” she said. “So let’s talk about that.”

“What are you talking about?” Stefani insisted as she laughed. “We’re not. We’re not engaged, and we’re not married. And he’s my boyfriend still.”

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A source recently confirmed exclusively to PEOPLE that three years after the news broke that the stars were dating, they’re planning for a long-term future together.

“They’re still madly in love and beyond inseparable,” said the source. “Blake has wanted to take his time with marriage, but he is absolutely committed to Gwen. They both feel they’ve found their true partner in life and plan to be together forever.”

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“He still thinks he is so lucky that she wants to be with him and thinks she is the most beautiful woman in the world,” added the source.

With packed work schedules between The Voice and Stefani’s Las Vegas residency, the couple also remain “very supportive” of each other “both personally and professionally,” explained the source.

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