Gwen Stefani Defends Blake Shelton's Sexiest Man Alive Title: 'He's Such an Incredible Person'

There's no doubt in Gwen Stefani's mind that boyfriend Blake Shelton is the Sexiest Man Alive!  

There’s no doubt in Gwen Stefani‘s mind that boyfriend Blake Shelton is the Sexiest Man Alive!

The 48-year-old “Hollaback Girl” singer swung by The Ellen DeGeneres Show Friday, where she gushed about Shelton’s PEOPLE honor.

“For me, it’s just that big ol’ heart and that sense of humor,” Stefani said, describing why she finds Shelton sexy. “He doesn’t even take himself seriously and he’s just such an incredible person. And that’s sexy to me.”

If Stefani is standing by her man, that’s because she might have encouraged him to take the title when it was first offered his way.

“I feel totally responsible because he’s so not that person,” she told DeGeneres. “He doesn’t even like to do a photo shoot. You can never convince him to do it. So he just called me like, ‘They want me to do this.’ And I was like, ‘You should totally do it! You’re so sexy!’ ”

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Now that the title is his, Stefani joked that it’s changed the way he’s acting at home. “It’s getting to him,” Stefani teased. “It’s tough to be around him now.”

Shelton showed signs of that when he stopped by Ellen in November, joking that that he felt sad that the title overshadowed his rockstar girlfriend.

“I feel bad for Gwen,” he said. “She has been in the spotlight as the symbol of beauty and now this. It’s going to be humbling for her, but I think she’s got a big enough heart that she can do it. Beauty comes from within.”

“They’re going to hardly pay attention to her when you’re in a room. They’re going to go, ‘Oh, Gwen was here too?’ ” DeGeneres joked, adding Stefani’s “got a good personality, and that’s all that counts.”

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Laughs aside, Stefani and Shelton are happier than ever — even recently collaborating on the sweet Christmas duet “You Make It Feel Like Christmas.” They’ve been hot and heavy since they began dating in November 2015 when they met as coaches on The Voice, not long after Shelton’s divorce from fellow country crooner Miranda Lambert and Stefani’s divorce from husband Gavin Rossdale.

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As for critics who questioned the pick, Stefani laughed off the “chaos” and “craziness.”

“It’s a PEOPLE Magazine cover and everyone’s taking it so seriously,” she said. “If you think about it, what defines sexy? It really is so personal, you know what I mean?”

She echoed those sentiments when the honor was first announced in November. “It’s interesting because I don’t think any of those things like beauty or sexy or whatever way you want to describe humans is necessarily a physical thing that people are attracted to,” Stefani told PEOPLE. “It’s all about the heart, and [Blake] has that big ol’ gigantic heart in there, so he’s quite an attractive human. I’m not the only one that thinks it!”

“[He’s] somebody that is at the top of their game and talented and genuine and cool and generous and just not self-aware at all — completely a man,” Stefani added. “He doesn’t even know how cute he is. [He]’s cocky but only because he’s a cowboy!”

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