Take an exclusive backstage tour of the hit singing competition show 'The Voice' with coach Gwen Stefani

By Nicole Sands
March 27, 2017 07:30 PM

From an onstage view of what it’s like to sit in the large red spinning chair to the trailers where some of Hollywood’s biggest music legends rest in between takes, coach Gwen Stefani takes fans on a tour of what it’s like to be backstage at The Voice.

Prancing around set with her iPhone in hand, the “Used to Love You” singer stumbles upon host Carson Daly in the talent compound outside his trailer.

“What’s it like working with the coaches back here?” Stefani asks Daly, being the interviewer instead of the one answering the questions for once.

The Voice - Season 12
Credit: Trae Patton/NBC/Getty

“It’s really cool. I gotta say, it’s awesome,” Daly responds. “I’ve been big fans of all of our coaches and getting to know them on a personal level has been awesome. Is this supposed to be a comedy thing?”

Stefani returned for season 12 of the hit singing competition show after taking a short hiatus last season, where Miley Cyrus subbed in.

“I’ve known this lady almost 20 years, so it’s like a family and it’s a lot of fun,” Daly adds of the No Doubt frontwoman.

As if the set of The Voice isn’t already home for Stefani, she’s even lucky enough to work alongside boyfriend Blake Shelton, who’s also a longtime coach of the show. Does that mean she has unlimited access to both her trailer and his?

“An actual real cowboy lives in here, okay? So let’s knock,” Stefani says, creeping up to Shelton’s trailer.

“Is Blake home?” She shouts, as Shelton demands, “Get in here!”

If you imagined Shelton would be sitting in his trailer polishing his cowboy boots and writing some country hits, you’re wrong.

“I’m doing some research on my team,” he says, lying down and relaxing on the couch—possibly even napping. “Just closing my eyes and imagining what they are going to do.”

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Departing Shelton’s on-set home and stepping inside her own, Stefani expresses her gratitude for the show.

“I feel so lucky to be on the set of The Voice,” she says, entering her own trailer. “This is a dream come true — it’s actually beyond a dream I never would dream this up, so thank you for visiting us. This is The Voice!”

The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.