Gucci Mane Slams DJ Envy in Response to Claims He's Banned from 'The Breakfast Club'

On a 2016 appearance on The Breakfast Club, Gucci claimed that co-host Angela Yee pursued him sexually

Gucci Mane is passionately addressing claims that he’s banned from Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club.

In a video shared on YouTube on Monday, Gucci, 39, sat down with Charlamagne Tha God in a clip titled Growth with Gucci: A Conversation with Gucci Mane and Charlamagne Tha God.

During the interview, Gucci was asked about the rumors that he’s banned from the radio show.

“It came from that punk ass bitch,” Gucci said, seemingly in reference to The Breakfast Club co-host Angela Yee. “And DJ Envy — he’s a p—-, too. Envy’s p—-, man.”

“The day he did the people’s court thing — he was there. Him and the girl or whatever,” Gucci told Charlamagne, who is also a host on The Breakfast Club. “So he ain’t have the nuts to come after he did that. I was going to confront him too. I was going to say ‘Hey man, you got something to say to me?’ I just wanted to see what he was going to say.”

“I’ma confront him about what he and Angela did, and if he come at me wrong, I’ma slap the s— out of him … It ain’t gonna be his first time getting slapped.”

Gucci Mane, DJ Envy
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Tension between Gucci, Yee and Envy seems to have come about following his 2016 appearance on the radio show.

While on air, Gucci alleged that Yee, 43, wanted a sexual relationship with him. Yee denied the accusations and the awkward conversation sparked rumors that he would no longer be allowed back on the show after the incident.

Earlier this month, Yee and Envy, 42, responded to the rumors in a reprised segment of Club Court.

Yee explained that Gucci was never banned from the show and again denied ever wanting to pursue a relationship with him as she said she doesn’t have his number.

However, Yee did allege that Gucci wanted to make amends.

“Somebody hit me up and said Gucci Mane would like to get on the phone with you and have a conversation and he wanted to I guess apologize for what he did and I said, ‘I don’t do that behind the scenes … you said something publicly that wasn’t true, you should publicly apologize,” Yee said on The Breakfast Club Court.

“As far as the show,” Yee continued. “He’s welcome to come on the show. I’ll be traveling a lot because I do have this Lip Service tour so I might not be there for it. I also do not trust him.”

Gucci responded to Yee, saying, “I didn’t apologize to Angela Yee… and I hate that she said that I was going to apologize to her. I don’t know where she got that from, because I didn’t do nothing to her.”

Gucci’s beef with Envy, according to Complex, stems from Envy bringing up Gucci’s 2013 tweets, where he claims to have had sex with a number of women in the music industry.

Following Gucci’s threats toward Envy, the DJ responded directly to Gucci on Instagram.

“Me and My Dog..🤣🤣🤣… Welllllll… @cthagod gave me a heads up when this interview was done and I told him play it.. This isn’t the 1st time I’ve been threatened by an artist and probably won’t be the last time… I never been slapped, or snuffed or jumped before so not sure where that came from,” Envy wrote alongside a photo of him posing with his German shepherd.

“@Laflare1017 was never banned from the @breakfastclubam When asked, “Would I do an interview without Yee…” My reply was, “I will not do anything unless you clear it with my co-worker.. We call that riding for your team where I’m from!!! And he’s upset because my coworker defended herself… Never in a million years will I tell my co-hosts what to say or what not to say.. We share that platform.. When Gucci did that post about Yee, she defended herself on the Breakfast Club and he’s mad because “I let her do it”…. I Have never ran from a Conversation in my life… My Kids are good, my wife is great and My Dog is excellent… Anyway, I heard some lies and wanted to address it… Back to enjoying Paris… 🇫🇷,” Envy concluded.

Yee later clapped back at Gucci telling PEOPLE “I am guessing his belief that he was banned led him to go do a series of interviews talking about that 2009 interview and addressing me as a bitch. I explained myself on The Breakfast Club and pointed out the discrepancies in his story and now he is claiming that DJ Envy was slapped and jumped, which never happened. He does have a history of tweeting and saying untrue things about women so I guess this is just his character.”

“Whether or not you believe what he says is true, I find it weird that a mature person would be that excited for a woman to text him 10 years ago,” Yee continues.

Yee went on to explain that Gucci’s real issue with her stems from a previous interview rapper Yo Gotti did with The Breakfast Club, alleging that he was intimate with Gucci’s wife Keyshia Ka’Oir.

“They said they heard he had been plotting to try and embarrass me. I really don’t even want to talk about him, but he’s so disrespectful I couldn’t let it slide.”

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