"I think the best part about our family is we're not afraid to be who we are," trans activist Juliet says in the clip

By Jeff Nelson
August 02, 2017 04:45 PM

Jackie Evancho is giving fans an intimate look at her modern family in their upcoming TLC special Growing Up Evancho — and PEOPLE has an exclusive sneak peek at the upcoming show.

The hour-long special follows the America’s Got Talent finalist and her family: parents Lisa and Mike; sisters Juliet, 19, and Rachel, 13; and brother Zach, 15. In 2015, Juliet came out as transgender in an exclusive interview with PEOPLE. And earlier this year, Jackie weathered backlash when she agreed to perform the national anthem at President Donald Trump’s January inaugural.

The special focuses on the Pittsburgh-based family and their daughters’ rocky rise to fame.

“You can’t not stand up for what you believe in because you’re afraid that you’re not gonna sell another album,” mom Lisa says of the Trump backlash in the TLC teaser. “F— them!”

Adds Jackie, in the promo: “I want to show that I support my sister.”

Despite Jackie’s rigorous touring schedule and Juliet’s budding modeling career, the special will show the Evancho clan on a human level.

Credit: Photograph by Nick Onken

“I think the best part about our family is we’re not afraid to be who we are,” trans activist Juliet says in the clip.

Indeed, as the family’s matriarch adds: “We have a superstar child to raise, but we also have a child to raise.”

Growing Up Evancho airs Aug. 9 on TLC.