There are approximately 20 reasons why we love Kelsea Ballerini. Let us count the ways.

By Grace Gavilanes
Updated November 08, 2017 06:21 PM
10th Annual ACM Honors - Red Carpet
Credit: Erika Goldring/Getty

Sure, we’re a fan of country star Kelsea Ballerini‘s music (we will forever sing along to “Peter Pan” during karaoke outings), but we’re an even bigger fan of Kelsea, the 24-year-old Tennessee native with a penchant for puppies, coffee dates and scenic backdrops —who also happens to be up for a female vocalist of the year award at the 2017 CMAs.

There are approximately 20 reasons why we love Kelsea. Let us count the ways.

1. She knows the importance of living a balanced life.

Oh, you didn’t know sipping cocktails during a workout burns calories even faster?

2. She’s a pro at impromptu serenades.

Even Taylor Swift is impressed.

3. She’s a master at taking double-tap-worthy ‘grams.

And could teach us all her tricks.

4. She’s an advocate for festive onesies.

Can we join in next Christmas?

5. Her own squad is awe-inspiring.

Kelly. Freakin’. Clarkson.

6. She’s all about private jets (which we would take total advantage of.)

Oh, and her fiancé is pretty cute, too.

7. Her weekend ritual involves cuddles and all the wine.


8. She’s always down to document her cute outfits.

Something tells us Kelsea comes up with the best captions.

9. Her pup, Dibs, is her everything.

So cute!

10. She sure can whip up a yummy breakfast.

It just so happens that chocolate chip pancakes and coffee are our go-to, too.

11. She knows her best angle.

And can strike a pose like no other.

12. She has mini freak-outs like us mere mortals.

This is her “OMG I just won my first ACM Award for best female artist!” face.

13. She’s known to have girls nights with Taylor Swift.

As one does.

14. She appreciates a good food pun.

An appreciation of food puns basically determines a person’s character, sense of humor and trustworthiness.

15. She cozies up to pigs in her downtime.

A.k.a. our new life goal.

16. She’s not above taking selfies with puppies.

And doesn’t care how long it takes to get a flattering snapshot.

17. She’s a lover of naps.

Fact: Floors are just as comfy as beds when you’re this exhausted.

18. She’s all about wearing onesies at the airport.

This just so happens to be our squad uniform.

19. We can’t get enough of her throwback snapshots.

Have you seen a cuter flower child?

20. She goes on the coolest double dates.

(Im)patiently waiting for our invite.