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February 12, 2017 08:21 PM

The inimitable CeeLo Green arrived at the Grammy Awards Sunday night in … well, some kind of style. Opinions are varying wildly as to what it might really be.

At least one person has identified Green’s look as that of a new character he’s debuting, “Gnarly Davidson.” The night prior to the Grammys, his look was an all-black affair with a lighted faceplate, but for the actual event, he seems to have gone with a look that has Twitter grasping for the most apt analogue.

Hellboy 2 is kind of an obscure reference.

Maybe this one’s a little more accessible.

This one wins the nostalgia vote, at least — N64, anyone?


But would he be the hero or villain?

Good luck getting close enough to rub his belly, though.

He’s a little late for the upcoming Power Rangers reboot, but maybe he can get in in time for the sequel?

Maybe he’s just trying to fit in with the current administration.

If you catch him, he’s worth 150 Grammy points.

He could also be angling for a role in one of the new Star Wars films.

Now we’re just hungry.

Twist: He’s dressed as a different award.

Still hungry.

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