Gloria Estefan Offered to 'Carry' Gay Flag at Pride for Daughter Emily Before She Came Out

"I will get on that parade float and I will carry that flag," Gloria recalls telling her daughter in the clip

Gloria Estefan is opening up about coming to terms with her daughter's sexuality.

In a PEOPLE exclusive clip of the next episode of Red Table Talk: The Estefans, the Latina legend chats with daughter Emily and niece Lili about offering her support for her daughter while coming out.

"We had no clue," the 63-year-old says in the clip. "You say, 'How could we not have known?' It's not like we didn't suspect at some moments."

"I remember being in my bedroom and telling you, 'Mama, are you gay?'" she adds. "'Do you want to carry the gay flag, because if you want I will get on that parade float and I will carry that flag?'"

red table talk: the estefans
Emily Estefan. red table talk/ Facebook

The camera pans to Emily, 25, who is visibly emotional. Gloria continues, adding that Emily denied her sexuality then.

"You said to me, 'Mom, I'm not gay,'" Gloria says. "Because that wasn't the word in your mind for who you were."

"I was also figuring out who I am," responds Emily.

The Cuban-American daughter of Emilio and Gloria came out publicly in 2017 when she shared a photo with her partner Gemeny Hernandez.

Emily, Gloria and Lili Estefan. Sami Drasin

"I don't know where you came from, but I am sure glad you are here," Hernandez wrote in a long, sweet message for their first anniversary in 2017. "To 1, to 2, to 20 lifetimes more. I love you."

"What does it feel like to have words like THIS written about you? I'll let you know when I have an answer.. for now.. I'm just a glowing puddle," Emily wrote on her Regram.

For National Coming Out Day on Sunday, Emily shared a tribute to the two's relationship, a sweet message about sexuality and teased the new Red Table Talk episode.

"Be you. Be kind. Be better," she wrote. "Be open, be careful if you feel unsafe, be LOVE. Anything else is icing ... Happy love day... because that should be every. Single . Day."

The Red Table Talk: The Estefans premiered on Oct. 7 and features the three women in conversation with family, celebrities and other guests.

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