Gloria Estefan Says 'Red Table Talk' Has Made the Estefans' Relationship 'Stronger and Closer' Than Before

"it's not comfortable to have cameras there, but it's always made our family stronger, and it's always been able to help at least somebody," Emily Estefan tells PEOPLE

Red Table Talk: The Estefans is back!

Ahead of the series' new episode Thursday as they return to Facebook Watch, Emily, Lili and Gloria Estefan catch up with PEOPLE about what fans can expect from the show and how the show has brought the Estefan family closer together.

Speaking with PEOPLE (the TV Show!)'s Sandra Vergara, Gloria shared that she's "excited about sharing personal things that might in turn help someone else feel less alone. I'm a private person and making the decision to have this show wasn't an easy one, but I felt that was important."

"I find that it's a privilege and an honor," Gloria added about representing Latinx people on the show. "This expanded in a whole new way."

On one of the first episodes of Red Table Talk: The Estefans last year, Emily opened up about what it was like for her to come out as gay, but ultimately it proved how close the three women have become. (Emily revealed last year that her mother Gloria told her that revealing her sexuality would kill her grandmother.)

"It was difficult and I think it was even more difficult because once it came out, we had a ton of support but also backlash," Emily says. "That's a testament to our relationship as a family. There are even moments this season that get a little heated and tense because things come out on the table."

"it's not comfortable to have cameras there, but it's always made our family stronger, and it's always been able to help at least somebody," she adds. "So we will continue to bring these conversations to the table, so that they can be stepping stones."

Red Table Talk: The Estefans.
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Speaking of Emily's coming out, Gloria says talking about it openly "highlighted a lot of dynamics" in their family."

"We're just stronger and closer for it, which is the whole point of having the table and sharing it with people because I think one of the biggest problems we have in the world in general is communication," Gloria says. "And the funny thing is, I thought my whole life that I have been communicating clearly, and I thought I had been able to create an environment where my kids felt safe in whatever avenue. And it's a surprising thing to discover that things are different than what you envisioned."

Emily shared she was most excited for an episode on the series about colorism among Latinx people.

"Even within one family that's so close and loves each other so much, one child may be a lot darker than the other and they have completely different experience growing up and in the world," she says. "As three Latinas, we experience white privilege even though we're Latinas in this world, and that's not the same for a lot of our Latino brothers and sisters."

"So to me, it's being able to bring brave people to the table, bring these topics that perhaps aren't talked about at home or anywhere to somewhere like Facebook Watch that can reach the whole world with a click of a button," she adds.

Lil chimes in, "There's not even a word in Spanish for colorism. Colorismo? That sounds like, I don't know, a rainbow."

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