"We can actually climb from garden to garden over the walls with a ladder," the model explained

Right before his tragic death, Kate Moss opened up about what it was like living next door to George Michael.

During a special hour-long BBC Radio 6 show with Shaun Keaveny, which Moss co-hosted, the supermodel revealed that she was a huge fan of Michael’s band, Wham!, growing up.

“Huge fan. It was my first tape,” said Moss. “I got it for Christmas, Wham!. My mum brought it for me – that and Blondie. And, yeah, huge. I love George Michael,” continued Moss, adding that one of her favorite holiday songs is “Last Christmas.”

“Definitely in my top three, if not my No. 1,” said Moss, 42.

George Michael and Kate Moss
Credit: Caroline True/REX/Shutterstock

Years later, Michael went from Moss’s childhood idol to her next-door neighbor. “It’s very [U.K. TV comedy] Stella Street, my road,” explained Moss. “Jamie Oliver is next door. There’s me, Jamie Oliver, George, someone else and then Jude someone.”

But for Moss, getting to know Michael was the icing on the cake. “Yes. Dreams come true,” replied Moss when asked if she knew the music icon. “I do, yeah. And he knows me! Even more importantly! ‘Kate, hi!’ Ohhhh!!!”

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In fact, Michael would let Moss’ daughter, Lila Grace, use his pool.

“We have done in the past,” shared Moss. “He’s got a pool. So when it’s hot, I’m like, ‘Oh can Lila come and jump in your pool?’ And he’s like, ‘Yeah, come over.'”

“And we can actually climb from garden to garden over the walls with a ladder,” continued Moss. “We’ve done that a couple of times. It is so much fun.”

And even though Moss is a celebrity herself, she admits she can’t help but get excited when meeting a star like Michael: “Of course. Absolutely. Oh my goodness!”

  • Reporting by PHILIP BOUCHER