"I made it my mission to take care of her and send her money every month," the rapper shared in a new interview with Michigan Avenue magazine
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G-Eazy is always looking out for his mother.

In a new interview with Michigan Avenue magazine, the “No Limit” rapper, 29, revealed that the greatest accomplishment of his career is the fact that he’s in a place where he can take care of his family.

“My mom lost her job as a fine arts professor and suffers from chronic pain that’s hard for her career,” he shared. “I made it my mission to take care of her and send her money every month.”

“Her comfort means everything because she struggled so much to raise my brother and me,” he added.

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Reflecting on some of the jobs he had before fame came his way, the rapper shared that he entered the workforce “as soon as I could.”

“At 16, I worked at a hot dog place called Top Dog in Oakland. I ran the register and the grill, cleaned up the place at night,” he shared, adding that he would get “home on school nights at 1 in the morning.”

“But, you know, it taught me the process of running the show myself and knowing what it means to carry the weight. And when you’re making $8 an hour at 16, it means being able to buy Air Jordans when you get your paycheck,” he explained.

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The artist, born Gerald Earl Gillum, also shared that while he’s obviously excited about continuing to make new music, it’s important that he remembers to watch out or for himself as a person, and not just as an artist.

“I’ve been truly blessed in my life and gotten to do so many cool things at such a young age. I’m excited about the process of working on this next album, but also of bettering myself and staying in a good headspace,” he shared. “When you’re a performer, especially if you’re touring, life can be kind of like Groundhog Day, where you’re doing more or less the same thing every day. You’re performing the same exact songs, and even the crowds start to look the same. Chances are it’s fun, but there’s that repetition. That repetition can be a grind and the grind can really get to you.”

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Continuing he added, “The key is self-care. It’s hard because you position yourself to be in a place to receive these blessings, but you also have to learn to say no. You need space to quiet down. I’ve seen what happens to artists who burn out, and it’s not pretty. For me, it’s a matter of remembering that little kid who, at 13 or 14, got up onstage. It’s about prioritizing Gerald as much as I prioritize G-Eazy… and in this game, that can be tough.”

Earlier this year, the artist made headlines after he was arrested in Sweden and convicted of drug possession and assault following a nightclub brawl. Additionally, he called it quits on two separate occasions with ex-girlfriend Halsey: once in July, and another time in October.

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Although many people dream of being able to hit the road to somewhere exotic on a day’s notice, G-Eazy explained that his idea of a perfect day would just involve spending time at home.

“I don’t have a regular schedule like most people. Often, I’m up making music until 4 or 5am, so I’ll sleep into the next day. But a dream day for me would be waking up in time for brunch with my friends. We’d throw something on the grill and hang out at home,” he shared. “I spend so much time on the road that home is almost a figment of my imagination. Waking up at my house in L.A. and having nowhere to be—that’s the ridiculous fantasy.”