G-Eazy Opens Up About Past Relationships: 'You Live and You Learn'

G-Eazy released his fourth studio album These Things Happen Too on Friday

G-Eazy. Photo: Curtesy YEAY App

G-Eazy's learning from his past mistakes.

Like many other celebrities, G-Eazy's had his fair share of time under the spotlight due to past relationships. However, now that he's opening up about maturity in his newly released album, These Things Happen Too, the rapper tells PEOPLE he's "grown from his experiences."

"You live and you learn. And theoretically at least, you grow from your experiences and you hopefully learn from your mistakes, or the heartbreak and the hurt," G-Eazy, 32, says.

That experience, G-Eazy says, has helped him identify the qualities he would want in a future relationship — both from himself and a future partner.

"It helps you identify certain qualities you need out of a partner, where things have gone wrong in the past, where things have gone right, but also how to be a better partner myself," he says.

He continued, "I need to listen and work to be what somebody else needs as well. And that's very essential."

The rapper was last linked to Ashley Benson before their split in February after less than a year of dating. He also previously dated Halsey before the pair broke up for the second time in October 2018.

G-Eazy Releases These Things Happen Too

G-Eazy released These Things Happen Too, his fourth studio album and a sequel to 2014's These Things Happen on Friday — and he told PEOPLE the album was a "full circle return."

"This album is a full circle journey about coming back home. And I wanted to touch back on some of the thematic elements of the first one, but do it through the lens of where I'm at now. The journey has been full of its highs and lows, and full of a lot of dreams coming true, but also a lot of adversity," says the "No Limit" rapper.

"If I start out in space on the first record, this is a spaceship coming back home — it's a little banged up and dirty and dented, but it's all been a beautiful journey," he continued.

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