On TikTok, Frankie doesn't shy away from poking fun at himself for being the least famous of his bros
Frankie Jonas
Credit: Frankie Jonas/Tiktok

Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas have the Jonas Brothers, but Frankie Jonas has TikTok — and an army of new fans with him!

After making an account on the app in mid-October, the youngest of the Jonases has skyrocketed as a trolling jokester on the app over the last several weeks where he pokes fun at being the least famous of his brothers and shares self-deprecating humor that has garnered him more than 1.4 million followers and 20 million likes on the app.

In a video shared on Dec. 2, Frankie — fully clothed and sitting in a crying position in the shower — reshared a video of a sibling describing himself as the "Frankie" of his own family after his two sisters went viral on the app. The video has nearly 15 million views and helped kick off his recent virality.

In one clip, Frankie, 20, makes silly faces and reacts to a clip of Billy on the Street with his famous bros. At the end of the video, he edits the video to say "Frankie" after Billy Eichner asks a passerby who's their favorite Jonas Brother.

Oh, and he also joked about a marijuana possession charge he faced in 2016.


Frankie Jonas
Frankie Jonas
| Credit: Frankie Jonas/Tiktok

Along with poking fun at his siblings, he also joins several TikTok trends and replies to fans on the app.

In a video posted last week, he did his own (very different than how it actually works) take on the "I got bitches" video trend, where he shared that he was "walking a mile to pick up pizza and garlic knots that you're gonna eat by yourself because you're sad and you have a gift card."

And over the weekend, Frankie's fans went crazy adding comments to Nick, 28, and Joe's TikToks asking questions like "Are you Frankie's brother?" and "Wait aren't you Frankie's brother or something?" Frankie posted some of the messages as he showed off his fans "acting reckless" — and Nick had something to say about it.

Frankie Jonas
Credit: Frankie Jonas/Tiktok

Nick reposted the video of the comment shenanigans and seemingly called his JoBros bandmates, saying, "Yeah, Joe, Kevin. Forget what I said about letting Frankie in the band."

But Frankie was unfazed. "I don't need the band," he commented. "I have tiktok now."

It hasn't stopped there. On Sunday, Jonas shared a video and jokingly thanked his fans for nominating him for "white boy of the month."

"I do want to use this platform though on what really matters and that is Jesus Christ. We're in a fight for our nation and these dirty socialists," he said before cutting the joking video.

He quickly followed that by giving a warm thank you to his followers for getting him more followers than "the Kevin Jonas." The caption? "@kevinjonas #f—you."

"Gottttemmmm," commented Joe, 31.

And, for our own enjoyment, here's Frankie's reenactment of a scene from Kevin, 33, and Danielle Jonas' reality show Married to Jonas.