Frankie Grande Is Engaged! Watch the Sweet Proposal to Hale Leon: 'It Was Perfect in Every Way'

Frankie's sister Ariana Grande and husband Dalton Gomez were among the close friends and family in attendance. "I am beyond thrilled," Frankie says as he shares photos of the special night with PEOPLE

Frankie Grande pulled out all the stops for his surprise proposal to Hale Leon, his boyfriend of two years!

On Tuesday night, Grande, 38, proposed en grande as he popped the question to Leon, 28, at Dreamscape, an immersive VR adventure venue in Los Angeles as the two watched virtual fireworks and fell onto the ground as they shared a kiss.

"It was so wonderful and I'm so grateful that it went so well because so much planning went into this and I am beyond thrilled that it went as perfectly and seamlessly as it did, because there were so many things that could have gone wrong – and he said 'Yes!'" Grande tells PEOPLE. "It was perfect in every way."

Grande also shares photos of the couple — Grande wearing a tie dye jacket and Leon with a gray t-shirt — as they show off their engagement rings in front of a cake with a photo of the two.

Frankie Grande and Hale Leon’s Engagement
Hale Leon and Frankie Grande. Alfredo Flores
Frankie Grande and Hale Leon’s Engagement
Grande, Leon and family — mom Joan and sister Ariana — with friends including Marissa Jaret Winokur. Alfredo Flores

"I had absolutely no idea. There's having no idea and having absolutely no idea, it was even less than that. It was crazy and for it to be in such a magical way, one of my biggest passions is VR and it was so surreal," adds Leon. "I still don't have words for it because it was kind of like a blur to me. It was two different realities, VR and real life."

Grande — who was accompanied at the proposal by his mother Joan, sister Ariana Grande and her husband Dalton Gomez — says he only shared that he was going to propose to Joan, Ariana and their Nonna, as well as Leon's aunt and brother, along with his two best friends.

"It was very important that it be a total surprise," Grande says.

And the other surprise? Grande booked a vacation this summer to celebrate both the engagement and Leon's birthday. "It was very expensive honey so it's got to be for two things not just one," Grande says with a laugh.

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Grande says he had been planning the "magical night" for a year and a half and had emailed the Dreamscape venue before the pandemic.

"I wanted to propose to Hale in VR, then COVID happened so it all went on the back burner. Once they reopened I emailed them again and they were like, 'Yep, we're completely ready to restart this' so I guess my message to everybody is: love who you love and how you want to love, because even if you have the craziest dreams about your proposal to the man of your dreams, it is possible," Grande says. "It's so beautiful to share gay love and to share that love is love no matter what."

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"I never thought that this would happen to me, I know I always wanted it, and now that it happened and it's here, it's so beautiful," adds Leon. "That's what life is about, you know? We can't be more blessed. On par with that it's during Pride, this is what can be for anybody, it's amazing. Be yourself and let this happen. Be open to find love like we did! We're so fortunate."

Frankie Grande and Hale Leon’s Engagement
Hale Leon and Frankie Grande. Alfredo Flores
Frankie Grande and Hale Leon’s Engagement
Hale Leon and Frankie Grande. Alfredo Flores

The couple met in 2019 at a line dancing bar in Los Angeles, which Grande playfully referred to as "love at first dance."

"I randomly ended up going to this bar Oil Can Harry's in the Valley and I saw Hale — he was dancing on the stage," Grande recalled to PEOPLE shortly after they started dating. "He was performing for everybody. He loves to go to Oil Can Harry's! He knew all the dances; I was blown away."

Grande's engagement news comes several weeks after his sister Ariana tied the knot to her partner Dalton Gomez.

"They got married," Grande's rep told PEOPLE then. "It was tiny and intimate - less than 20 people. The room was so happy and full of love. The couple and both families couldn't be happier."

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