June 01, 2017 08:10 AM

Foo Fighters have returned, and they’re up to their old tricks—emphasis on old.

The Dave Grohl-led outfit is celebrating 22 years this summer, but anyone fearing that the band’s sledge hammer riffs have gone soft will have their ear drums pounded into rubble by their new song, “Run.” Age brings wisdom, and a greater ability to shred.

The accompanying music video hammers the point home. The Foos—prematurely elderly with the magic of prosthetic makeup—find themselves in an oppressive nursing home, lead by terrifying Nurse Ratched-like staff. Grohl, nearly unrecognizable but for his trademark Trini Lopez Gibson, resembles a heavy metal Gandalf as they rock a crowd of fellow “inmates” gathered in the chapel.

The raw power emanating from Grohl, Pat Smear, Taylor Hawkins, Nate Mendel and Chris Shiflett is enough to spark an uprising. Soon the chapel floor has transformed into Lollapalooza, with retirees moshing, flashing (errr, NSFW, we guess), and battling supervisors with their canes.

Respect your elders, folks.

“Run” is the band’s first new music since the Saint Cecilia EP in November 2015, and it’s rumored to be the lead track off their hotly anticipated ninth studio album.

Their last full-length, 2014’s Sonic Highways, saw the group explore new musical styles as they recorded in different cities. While there were tentative plans to record a sequel to the project, which also boasted a multi-part documentary miniseries on HBO, producer Butch Vig confirmed to NME that it hasn’t come “to fruition yet.”

If “Run” is any indication, their upcoming album, which is currently untitled, is a return to full-speed-ahead rock. Like the best of Foo Fighters, it’s hard and occasionally hilarious.

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