Fifth Harmony's Normani Kordei Falls Onstage — But Lands in a Spectacular Half-Split

Footage of the Normani Kordei's recent fall during a Fifth Harmony concert in Brazil was captured on camera by a fan and it was seriously impressive

When Normani Kordei gets knocked down, she doesn’t just get up again — she lands in a half-split and owns it.

In a video captured by a fan and uploaded on Twitter, the Fifth Harmony member can be seen walking around in thigh-high boots during a performance of “Made You Mad,” before suddenly losing her balance. But instead of landing awkwardly, Kordei dropped down to a half split and then took a moment before dramatically whipping her hair back like a boss.

Then, as if nothing out of the ordinary happened, she seamlessly slid back up into standing position without using her hands for aid.

David Livingston/Getty

Later Kordei responded to a video of the fan-captured incident by saying, “You already know it’s hard out in these streets while trying to do it gracefully in heels.”

Fifth Harmony recently made the news for another moment from their tour when actress and singer Becky G awkwardly got kicked off the stage by bodyguards who didn’t recognize her, even though she was the opening act for the band that night.

After trying to help Fifth Harmony member Dinah Jane Hansen with a wardrobe malfunction during a concert in Buenos Aires, Becky G was removed by security.

“I was telling [the security guard] to go cover her booty because her outfit ripped again,” the singer — in good spirits — explained to one of her followers on Twitter.

In the video clip of the incident, Becky G could be seen running onto centerstage with an Argentinian flag in her hand to wrap around Hansen. A security guard running behind her eventually caught up, pulling Becky G off the stage by her arm. When a fan asked Becky G if she was okay, she responded, “My arm kinda hurt but they just doing they job.”

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When fellow Fifth Harmony member Ally Brooke realized what was happening, she walked to the side of the stage, clasped hands with Becky G, and pulled her back onstage. “Welcome Becky G!” Brooke screamed. Becky G used the opportunity again to run toward Hansen and cover her exposed parts with her scarf before boogying with the band.

Hansen expressed gratitude for Becky G’s attempt to save her from exposure, tweeting: “Now I know who would save me. Muchos besos (many kisses) mama.”

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