News of Chuck E. Cheese's animatronic band breaking up compelled left Father John Misty feeling "shock and sadness"


Father John Misty isn’t one to “eulogize over social media,” as he mentioned in a message on Facebook Friday. But the news of Chuck E. Cheese’s animatronic band breaking up compelled him to “humbly offer a few words in [remembrance]” in the face of such “shock and sadness.”

CEC Entertainment Chief Executive Tom Leverton told CBS News this week of plans to revamp restaurants, a move that will include the disbanding of the robot bands.

Misty, a.k.a. Josh Tillman, recalled how he would celebrate his birthdays as a kid in Maryland at Chuck E. Cheese with friends from school and church.

“Having been a professional musician for a few years now, I can appreciate firsthand not only the strain of trying to sustain a flow of creativity for so long but the rigorous, pretty unexotic feat of physical endurance just getting through a few hundred shows a year, plus all the travel,” he wrote in a comical and overtly sentimental message on Friday.

“When I consider that this motherf–ker was playing up to 5 sets a night all over the country simultaneously [I] am reminded that, yes, it can be done, and that just by getting on that stage every night and leaving everything up there, I am part of [a] lineage, of a collective imagination that spans the generations,” he continued. “How he maintained that smile on his face, playing so consistently and with such little flash (even though I’m sure some nights he just wanted to stretch out and make it all about himself) is beyond me. Don’t forget: this man’s middle name was literally ‘Entertainment.’”

Misty called frontman Chuck an “interpreter” who “was never political.”

“He didn’t write much, outside of his seminal ‘Happy Birthday’ but neither did Frank f–king Sinatra. Like Sinatra, Chuck wasn’t ‘the best.’ But he had a style, and style cannot be taught; something we tend to forget in this era of manufactured pop stars. Max Martin would’ve had nothing to do with Cheese. He was a little thick around the waste, and certainly refused to change with protean fads in the culture.”

Read Misty’s full eulogy below.

Misty, who’s the kind of guy to dream-cast his own X-Men movie for no apparent reason, is currently on his world tour behind his Pure Comedy album.

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