The Talk's Eve Says She's Having 'Uncomfortable Conversations' About Race with Her White Husband

Eve and her husband Maximillion Cooper, who is white, married in 2014 after four years of dating

Rapper Eve is speaking out about racism and reflecting on her interracial relationship with husband Maximillion Cooper, who is white, amid nationwide protests against racial injustice and police brutality.

During Tuesday’s episode of The Talk, Eve, 41, told her co-hosts she and Cooper, 47, were having "some of the most difficult and uncomfortable conversations" they've ever had.

"But, at the same time, it's a beautiful thing, because … I don't know his life through his eyes. He doesn't know my life through my eyes," she shared. "All he can do is try to understand and try to ask the questions, and he wants to understand, and that's what the nation — that’s what the world — has to do."

Eve and Maximillion Cooper
Eve and Maximillion Cooper. Cindy Ord/Getty

The Barbershop actress continued: "It's gonna be uncomfortable. Yeah, it's going to be uncomfortable! But we have to be okay with being uncomfortable so that we can get to a solution."

Protests have erupted across the country following the killing of George Floyd, a black man who died last week while in the custody of Minneapolis police officers. Several large cities have instituted curfews to try to curb the unrest.

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Eve said the messages from protesters have helped keep her calm during this tumultuous time.

"There are some people that are having beautiful, peaceful protests, with their fists in the air and their hands in the air and all different colors and genders, all together, on one knee, wanting to get past this," she said. "That's what actually keeps me from getting too emotional."

Cooper, too, shared his support for the protests on Instagram.

"These are challenging times... a global pandemic, on the brink of an economic depression, and now America is spinning out of control following George Floyd's horrendous murder," he captioned the post. "The rioting is unacceptable but the emotions and voice of protesters is loud and clear and needs to be acted upon. This injustice can't be ignored. It's all of our responsibilities to stand up against discrimination and racism, and to treat each other with respect and dignity #blacklivesmatter."

Eve married the British entrepreneur in 2014 after four years of dating. She is a stepmother to Cooper’s four children from a previous marriage.

Speaking to PEOPLE in 2016, Eve revealed “honesty and loyalty” were the keys to her successful marriage. She added: “We respect each other, we are the realest. It’s the realest relationship I’ve ever had. He’s my homie. All those sound like cliches but really it’s working.”

To help combat systemic racism, consider learning from or donating to these organizations:

•Campaign Zero ( which works to end police brutality in America through research-proven strategies. works to make government more responsive to racial disparities.

•National Cares Mentoring Movement ( provides social and academic support to help black youth succeed in college and beyond.

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