En Vogue Has an Interesting Theory About Who Bit Beyoncé  

The hit 90s girl group served as an early inspiration to Destiny's Child, and they've got a funny theory about who bit Queen Bey.

It’s the mystery nibble everyone’s talking about, even R&B divas En Vogue.

Sitting down with PEOPLE and People Now this week the legendary girl group — whose back with a new album Electric Café out Friday — chatted about everything from their ’90s breakout success to who could be the culprit of the Beyoncé bite felt round the world.

Formed in 1988, En Vogue earned comparisons to the Supremes and actually served as inspiration for many R&B girl groups to come.

“When we first started our group and we were trying to figure out who we were, what our image was, how we wanted to dress, you know, we looked to groups like the Supremes and the Emotions and the Jones girls,” recalls original member Cindy Herron-Braggs.

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Destiny’s Child

Similarly, Destiny’s Child often credited En Vogue with being an inspiration for their group. Asked whether they ever had a chance to meet up with Destiny’s Child, “Most definitely,” says Terry Ellis, another founding En Vogue member of connecting with Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland, and former Destiny’s Child members LaTavia Roberson and LeToya Luckett.

Says Herron-Braggs, “There’s a picture of us. We met them later, but when they were still little girls.”

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Fast forward to the present, even En Vogue has a hilarious theory about #WhoBitBeyoncé. Asked for their best guess as to who Tiffany Haddish claims recently nipped the Beyoncé at a party, “Nobody. It was her puppy,” says Herron-Braggs, poking fun at the many scenarios floating around the internet.

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Despite multiple reports laying blame on Sanaa Lathan, who’s denied it, Herron-Braggs’s funny theory is that “they brought the dog home, she tried to bathe it, he didn’t like the water and he bit her lightly. She gave him a tap on the bottom and that was it!”

Says newest En Vogue member Rhona Bennett, “We’re going to add to the narrative.”

In all seriousness, Ellis says, “I don’t think anybody bit Beyoncé… She’s not gonna let anybody bite her.”

En Vogue’s new album Electric Café is available now.

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