Emotional Oranges Talk About Their 'Constantly Evolving' Sound and Why Adele Is Like a 'Unicorn'

"Our group is representative of all relationships," A and V tell PEOPLE as part of their recent collaboration with DHL Fast-Track

emotional oranges
Photo: Tristan Kallas

Emotional Oranges always delivers.

As they partner with DHL for their Fast-Track series, the soulful R&B duo comprising A and V catch up with PEOPLE while on tour and give an inside look to the group's start, their inspirations and why Adele is a "unicorn."

"I think that orange is just the most underused color," says A. "It's so vibrant, unique and evokes a really special emotion in us."

V adds, "We're both very emotional. To be honest, the name came on a day when we were really high but Emotional Oranges just represents who we are: oranges have layers that need to be peeled before the juicy center, our emotions!"

The group released their first project in 2019 — aptly named The Juice: Vol. 1 — featuring a set of sexy, dance-worthy songs. They also kicked off their journey completely hiding their faces and going solely by the initials A and V, though are now sharing their identities — well, parts of them! — with the world.

The duo met thanks to V's ex, who was A's best friend. They'd often spend time together and soon realized that they'd make good music as a unit.

"I was always inspired by him and just his work ethic alone and how he made music and hears music," V explains. "And we had one session where we wrote 'Unless You're Drowning,' and we did the song in 30 minutes, which I've never done before. So that was just a wow moment for me."

"And I think we really connected musically, spiritually on what people wanted from the next part of our careers," adds A. "To be able to collaborate with someone who perfectly complements you was just a blessing you don't turn down."

Before forming the musical duo were exploring music in different avenues: A served as an audio engineer for Drake while V vocal coached none other than Adele.

"I'm very proud of her," she says. "Honestly, it's like working with a unicorn. She goes into hiding, and then comes back and slay the entire industry. And then she's like, 'OK, bye.'"

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"There's nobody like her," adds A. "When you work with an icon, there's not much more you can say. You've got to stand behind the curtains. You've got to let them sing. And everything that Adele has done shows you how powerful V's impact is. Forget what we're doing. If you just focus on Adele, f— Emotional Oranges. I can quit right now just thinking about everything she's achieved."

The "Just Like You" musicians are currently on tour after stopping at several festivals over the last several months, including Austin City Limits, where they performed in front of 40,000 people.

"That was our dream," says V. "We're two puddle of tears."

"To hear these kids singing every word of our songs melted my heart," adds V.

Along with their current tour in support of The Juicebox, their 2021 album featuring the likes of Becky G, Kiana Ledé and Vince Staples, the group is collaborating with DHL Express for Fast-Track, which will deliver the group's merchandise and host the duo for the first-ever digital show from Capitol Studios. (The company's Fast-Track initiative supports emerging artists by connecting them with fans across the world.)

"If you believe in DHL, if you stand behind DHL, it will change your life," says A. "And we bought it. The way that they bought into us. We bought into them. So let's just walk away from this, all of us, understanding the true power of DHL."

DHL Express U.S. made People's annual 100 Companies That Care list in 2021. To nominate a business demonstrating outstanding respect for its employees, community and the environment, visit Great Place to Work.

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